Monday, July 5, 2010

sup!!! this is just gonna be a mega photo filled post cuz i gtg to bed soon.
there's school 2moro! dayum
so needa make things fast! hahaha
met peiqi, keziah and amanda in the morning to go shopping for food first and we ended up eating in carrefour. 2 bucks nasi lemak!! super cheap=]
mo mo met us after. she got a tatoo! LOL
wahhhh, damn broke. pay for present pay for food. i still owe josh money
but anws, after that, we cabbed down to marina barrage and waited and waited. haahhaha
so we just camwhored=]

i was still chewing my doritos

i started burping aloud and peiqi kept saying 'im damn turned off by you now'
hahahhaa. sorry, got influenced... hahhaha
anws, it was awesome meeting them again=]
had h2h talk with mo=]
i'll need time to get everything cleared though
but today was a huge stepping stone.
anyhooo, i was supposed to leave at 230 but i left at 330 instead. hahaha
they kept trying to persuade me to stay, say there's no bus from 330 to 6, so i have to stay till 6 and stuff. hahahaha. aww=]]]
but anws, managed to leave and make my way to ecp.
it was a terrible journey.
i asked the bus driver if this goes to ecp and he was some china dude, so i could see he was trying his best to answer me.
after awhile, i went to ask him again and he asked if i could speak chinese and i said can.
and he gave me the wlao face. hahahahha. woops.
grrr nehmind.
but yeah, i called everyone
only xiu answered but she was cycling
no one else answered and i was like, k nvm, i shall go find an emo spot on the beach and sit there till someone realizes i called and call me back. luckily tim mah responded.
i was about to send a vulgar msg out at that point. sorry arh mah, took it out on you. hahaha
so yes! dance outing=]

HAHAHA, was fun=]]
josh kept asking me to stop giggling. WHAT'S WRONG. tell me what's wrong with giggling! hahahah.
they call me a bimbo non-stop. i really don know what i did mannnn. sighh
but anws yup!=] went to macs for dinner after and had a mini h2h talk with mah.
of all ppl. but he got me quite pissed, as usual. uhhghhhh. he asks you qns that screws your mind. damn ass, but thanks.
after that, wc led a bunch of us home
he said he knew where he was going so we all followed him HAHA
i told him if we get lost he's gonna pay for our cab
hahahhaa. the bus ride back was FUNNEH.
suaning wc is the best thing ever.
"wc, why arent you taller. you could be a model" hahahha
and we were listing out his embarrassing moments.
and many more luh, like his gentlemanliness and all.
damn retarded.

k yup! time to orh orh. NIGHTTTTT

p.s: you guys have no brain.

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