Sunday, July 4, 2010

boys and girls

we were talking about this during our class dinner the other day.
like we asked the boys where are we going after dinner
they said 'can we just walk randomly and see'
then i was like 'omgosh, i just realize i cant. im those type that needs a plan.'
like when i have planned something, it just plays in my mind. and i want it to happen like what was imagined. and if like something small affects it, i'll be unhappy. like, i made it seem so perfect and i want it to come out perfect too kind of thing.
but then they said it was a boy-girl thing
i prefer solid stuff. even for my le reve solo. i was kinda not confident for it cuz it was quite last min and there's no solid movements to follow. but the atmosphere when under the spotlight while everything else was dark made me feel like i was alone and wasnt that weird after that.
im learning how to just be flexible now! hahhaa. but i still dislike last min stuff. IDK.
i think it's a boy girl thing too.
boys don plan. de cotta always suggest meeting at an mrt station and decide after that. hahah.
girls think a lot and plan ahead. a lot of examples luh. but yaaa
i have two extremes though. sometimes im just too lazy to care or to think about anything but sometimes i just over think ttm which sucks a hell lot. but i mean, all girls over think right?
there you go, im thinking again. ahhhaa
AIKS! but sometimes.. my thoughts are just plain roobish
i was in a cab going home one day
then i saw some army guys flagging for a cab
then i thought, wont their uniform camouflage them in the bushes since it's meant to.
and it was at night somemore. so i think they will have a hard time flagging a cab.
OKAY, enough of my thoughts.

went to P.A today cuz we wanted see lao shi but he wasnt there. sigh. WHYYYY
but seeing the other ppl was good enough too=]
YY WENT TOOO. always with adorable earrings. hahhaha
we were all late, as usual.
only harry potter was ON THE DOT. but melia was the latest!! hahahah
anwssss... has been supar long since we did such warm ups and exercises.
i had thigh cramps while doing warm ups.
and we did so many rolls today i lost count alr.
but the backward roll was damn painful! i have this red patch on my right shoulder. abrasionnnn.
giddy much the whole time too. then after an hour or so, we were free to do anything
so me and xiu were practising split jump. HAHA
but zhong yi says that will give your fat thighs. hmmm...
and i tried doing double. OMGOSH, it sucks to know that you are so reliant on your foot thongs.
cuz i know some ppl can do double without their foot thongs. i cant!=[ nvm, so maybe losing your foot thongs may be a good thing now.
yes im serious, I CANT FIND IT. GAHHHH. but it was spoiling anws. maybe i should go get a new one. arhghhhh, but it's freaking 20 bucks and have to travel all the way to golden landmark hotel. EFFFF. kay nvm, don wanna think about it now.
hopefully i can find them though. the last time i saw them was during bailamos. HOHO
ANYHOOOO, ended off doing some kicking thingum that zx was teaching and we went off after that to bugis.
they went for dinner while i roamed around alone looking for a box to put my nephew's present inside.
i was so tempted to buy the __ but i scared it's like.... ugly and nvm!
im so pokkaiiii
still need to pay for many many things and owe ppl money and all

meeting clique 2moro, wheee=]]]]
and everyone can make it. even better. HAHAHA. yayyyyy
gonna cam whore like MADD. hahhaa
then after that, will be leaving half way and travel down to far away land called ecp. damn far
OH MY SHIT!!!!!! i'll be late means there'll be no one to cab there with me! nehnehs
take bus.... sigh. im going to visit now
and im going to eat my ben and jerry's ice cream now too=]

oh watched eclipse yesterday!
was supposed to meet melia to slack somewhere but my mum didnt allow me to go out at first
so i told her cannot go. but at 2 plus, my mum suddenly say 'thought you got a date, why still never go out' then i was like YES. hahhaa
but melia was going to church alr so i met him instead=]
but i left saying a dumb statement that i have no interest in sharing at all.
it's just one of those times where you are blank and you have no idea what you're saying and only realize you just said something stupid after awhile.
actually.... sometimes i do realize im saying something stupid when im alr talking but by then i just feel like finishing my sentence.
OGAYY, im getting confusing.

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