Saturday, June 12, 2010


i was taking my own sweet time choosing a background.
but i ended up with an ugly one. but i couldnt be bothered alr. hahahaa
nvm, i shall just stick to this till i decide which is the best. the rest all quite complex and will make my blog look messy, i don like. and some are very dark. yellow's an awesome bright colour. HAHAHA

OOH ANWS, look at this. nutella with marshmallows. the nutella drink itself it wacky enough. the marshmallows are just heavenly. i swear, it's EFFING GOOD.
ate here during our sex and the city 2 movie date. no wait, he ate, i just watched and jew. HO HO
went to school for geog lecture today
i only heard it existed the night before
luckily i did! hahaaha.
oh my mama, the room was freezing ttm. me and xiu alr put on our dance jacket but we were still freezing.
was WAY WAY WAY worse than at the CPA. like 918349381947 times worse. hahaha.
we were too cold to take down any more notes and during the last 15min, we were just too concentrated on trying to keep warm. i wondered why no one else fidget except us. DAMN COLD I SWEAR.
i was so happy to step out of the room after 2 hours
hahaha and that pig!!!
supposed to meet me at 11 and i text him twice but no reply. so yeah, confirm sleeping. called him, he thought it was still 10.-_- major fail my dear. HAHA
so i just made my way to HV first. ate at swensens cuz of the one for one thingum. nice=]
after that went to coffee bean to erm, play sims 3? HAHAHHAHA
then watched zombieland on his lappy.
after that, TRIED to do some math but failed terribly. he kept playing cool videos on his lappy and my concentration kept drifting away. SUCKS. hahaha
oh and magazines. BAD BAD BAD. hahahhhaa. face palm myself TTM.
screw you. hahahahha.
we just slacked there till like 6 i think then went to the foodcourt for his dinner.
after that, went to my ahma house and he was in real need of a toilet then. FUNNY, luckily he didnt soil his pants.

smack that stoner face.
THIS IS THE BEST. hahahaha. in the middle of a sneeze. i like
oggay! going back to sch early 2moro. MUST HAVE ENERGY FOR 2MORO. IT'S AN IMPT DAY!
gotta go pack my stuff.=]

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