Sunday, June 27, 2010

turtle soup

my dad's like me. he thought the b & j ice cream was really turtle soup. he was like, this is not ice cream arh. then i said, it is. then he pointed to the 'turtle soup' and said, soup. i told him to just open it. hahaha

k, ya, more temptations at home. =] i like.
technically, my term starts 2moro
oh anws!! i went to send my spoilt phone for servicing on thurs after like 1 month plus and i got it back just now! whee
i can finally play nicer music with this phone and can save more stuff. =]
but the space button is quite insensitive. maybe i need to send it back for servicing again.

oh and i cut my hair! it's really short now. k, no, not REALLY short but much shorter.
i like it though, easier to manage and easier to WASH. hahaha

i went out to north point for dinner just now and my lil bro was walking beside me.
cuz i was on the phone + busy getting use to my serviced phone so i wasnt paying attention to my surroundings and i wasnt wearing my specs, so couldnt really see.
he keeps asking me if i knew that girl cuz they were looking at me and showing that they knew me.
it happened twice but the first was actually my eld brother's junior whom i've met before cuz er hem. HAHAHA.second time, no idea.
third time, she tapped me. haha, my ballet friend.
ballet, i miss ballet.....
K, going to bed now. night=]

oh yes! we caught killers on fri=]]
was a good movie! funny + sweet.
HAHAHAA. it's (y) =]]
we ate at ayam penyet ( smashed chicken ) NICEEE=D

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