Thursday, June 24, 2010

stupid stall

my tummy's still not well today. i think its gonna take a few days.
i remember months ago i had a tummy ache too and it took quite awhile to get my normal tummy back. and it was annoying cuz i cant enjoy my food properly.
wahhhh, i really hate this feeling in my tummy. it feels bloated. shitting doesnt work
i ate the many many small balls chi medicine alr. hopefully it works. gonna rub oil later.

i had a nightmare last night. actually it was a dream all along till the last part
and if i had woken up at 10 and not 12, i wouldnt have had the nightmare
i dreamt my cousin brought my family to some haunted house
and we got haunted for real after coming back. like i had super colourful plaits in my hair ( k, might not be a bad thing, looked quite cool actually ) but i know there was something wrong with it, i just felt scared. and my dad's hand became something else.
i cant really remember what happened but i know i felt scared in my dream.
yeah... and when i took the 1 hr nap in the afternoon, i dreamt of fb.

yeah, go ahead and save and use them to suan me. HAHA. oh but too bad, these are quite dark, hahaha, not good choices.
your face

i actually have another one that's similar to the monster pic but i've learnt my lesson!.. kind of. HAHAHHA, nn.
wahhhh... feeling a little more screwed for terms now.
once i hear geog... damn. annoyed with myself.
but studying chem today was better.
the stressful period is here again

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