Monday, June 21, 2010


i shall speak in a way you don understand. HAHAA. for me to know, for you guys to never find out unless i say luh. but this thing is totally rubbishy!
yea you weirdo. too far.. cant reach. purposely? p___ what? huh? NNNNNNN. lol. it's over. makes you happy? bab

k stop.=]
i brought my chem file into the study room but i ended up using the com instead
k i shall switch this stupid thing off after finishing this post

i shall study like mad 2moro
my study room's stuffy. sucks.
my mum made yogurt. yeah, MADE. haha. i promised to cook her some scramble egg soon. hahaha
maybe tues night.
and im cutting my hair on thurs=]

oh btw, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY. oh wait, that was yesterday cuz im blogging at 1.40am now.

k yes, i shall stop crapping. NIGHT WORLD

p.s: dood!!! mind your own business. i think friendster has screwed my msn list up. grrr. too many unknown friends that i think i've talked to but i have NO idea who they are. and they ask me weird ass + disturbing + sick qns. and they feel happy for me. hmmmm. don really know you very well yknow.

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