Wednesday, June 16, 2010

i like the smell of you on me.

more photos from dancewood + others!=]
one week alr=] hahaha.
bailamos. haha
CIP! ooh ooh, i'll talk more about this later=] HAHAA. sk fail!

HAHAH. he got most macho cuz he lifted me-_- WHAT'S THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN.
settled score before ppp. hahah

NAT SPIDEY=] hawt stuff
WHOOSH! so anws.... cip cip cip
oh oh, met keefe, josh and sk at clementi for lunch first before cabbing down to salvation army.
it was erm... interesting. hahah.
the kids were DAMN noisy. hahahaha. supar enthu!!
ok, there were extreme cases. like some very very enthu bout dancing but some just stone at the side.
they kept going, one more time! again!
and i could see that we were all quite tired.
but it was still fun luh=]
after cip..
we went out and saw a bus, and we ran for it not knowing where it'll take us to. AHHA best.
so we just ask the bus uncle and yeah, got off at some small interchange and take another bus to HV. we were all dying from dehydration.
went to the bubble tea shop to quickly quench our thirst.
josh bought bubble tea, finished it and bought big gulp. sk went to buy another cup. HAHHA. wthhh.
we ate at the hor fun shop. i have no idea what the name is.
the jew came to join us for dinner.=]
after dinner, we went to bishan cc to study!
but he didnt bring anything at all so i lent him my vampire book to read.
yeah im reading!! like woah... im quite surprised too.
he read damn fast! but he hasnt finished reading though. was supposed to take it from my house today but he forgot. LOL. too bad! no fate with my book=]
oh ya today. he was supposed to come at 11 but hahaa. 2nd time alr!!
anws, today's weather is DAMNNNN shiok to sleep.=]]]]
i woke up at 11 too but didnt bother texting him then cuz it was raining and we slept really late last night so just let him sleep longer. hhaha, that boy woke up at 12. but anws, went to sunplaza to have lunch=]
we both love food but we do not like the same things. ahhhaah! that way, we wouldnt fight for the same food. =] sashimi, yuck. =ppppp
came to my house after and i painted a sun on his thumb. AHHAHAA. effing gay, i like=]
it's quite errr ugly though. hahah. it's the nail polish that sucks. GRR.
oh and i passed him my duper gay hello kitty pouch for him to put all his moolah and cards inside before he lose them. hahahaa. suits him.
he left around 5 cuz my eld brother wanted to sleep. and he(bro) say he cannot sleep till he(jew) goes home. hmm??
i was supposed to go out for dinner with my brothers but they all ended up napping. see!! weather's awesome=] even he is napping now. hahahaha.
so erm... gonna have maggie mee for dinner.
and my ah ma's in the hospital. i didnt know till my lil brother asked me if we were going to the hospital today. going 2moro=]
PW 2moro too! homgosh, hope it doesnt rain. and hope everything goes well!=]
kaybye. haha

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