Friday, June 25, 2010


i cant really focus on something for a long time
grrr. for example, STUDIES.
or maybe a book. i cannot sit down and just read finish a book unless it's a comic...
the longest time i took to finish one book was.... a year. let's not count those that i did not finish.
BUT NVM! im an enfp. everyone works differently anws. i just hope the way i study is sufficient to not get me into ssp.=/

woah, i smell a fart.. hahaha

5th july! hopefully the date's still on. clique outing=] i've been thinking about them a lot recently. LOL. really miss the company of them.
i've been letting myself go off too easily. [ i have no idea what that means, just sounds right to me. hahah ] im too preoccupied with many things. i need to get back on track!
and back to who i were.

i contradict myself way too often. dayum

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