Wednesday, June 9, 2010

far away

shao min and her.... er hat [ looks like piece of red shit right right! hahaha] =))
eeek! looks damn cool.=] haha


big mouth
law looks like he's digging his nose. HAHAHHA
WOAH. hahha
wadsup with law's expression!

kai just wanted a photo.

whee, freaky=]
our dear yuxuan=]]
jouteng, sharon, andrea, sarah
partner 1 for latin beats. my dood.
partner 2 for latin beats. he's not that short luh, he's bending down on purpose. haha
cheng, joash, issac, mua, sunshine
keefe!! stupid crasher.
joan and sebby=]
and that was bailamos. HAHAHA.

let's move on!=]
mon mon mon...
met sunshine for lunch first
was actually craving kfc fried food but we ended up eating at some indo restaurant at novena
was supposed to eat at the smashed chicken place but it was taken over by another restaurant
heck, we still ate there anws. HAHA.
wah shit, the chilli was effing spicy. i didnt really dare to try but i could tell cuz he was like dying from the spiciness and he can tank hotness quite well. haha
after that, he just spam ice in his mouth. tsk tsk

OOH OOH. we went to udders after that for ice cream
omega, damn nice!
the first time i went was with amanda. hahahha. awesome ice cream they have there=]]]]]
then we ended up reading mags. i picked a mag for him and i didnt know it was FHM. hahahhahaha. i just saw like the back of the mag and it was some guy so i just took it. LOL.
then after that.... we went to town to walk around. after that, went to cathay to meet my classmates and he went to meet his scholar friend.

we went to the korean place to eat again. hee. xiu! you jealous?
after that, we went back to the tao huey place=]

hahahha, kay, there are damn alot of crap photos on fb too. de cotta kept spamming photos into my camera.

wah, was freaking full after everything. but we still ended up at ben and jerrys. hahaha whee=]]]]]

sunshine came after and we went down to jitterbugs to look at them do leg raises. HAHA. wah pro shit. 3 ac dance seniors were in the class. j3s. their core all super strong.

woops, more photos. sorry. hahaha

yep, strap broke. hahaha
today!! casuarina for breakfast. hee.
sunshine came to fetch me from my home at around 9 plus. my brother was supposed to go out very early
but he freaking overslept. HAHHA.
so just sat at the stairs with him=]
till like 2, i went back into the house cuz i needed to pee damn badly. hahaha
phew, he was finally awake.
then went out for lunch with my brother to ssc after that. hahaha. subway=]]]
sunshine ate at sunplaza. haha.

okay, i should START studying 2moro. no no, not study, do my hw. WAH.... sucks ttm.

i cant wait for ppp though! wheeeeeeeee. gonna be awesome!=]

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