Thursday, June 17, 2010

CRAVINGS are sinful.

had pw session today. oh right, i woke up early, the wonder i feel sleepy now.
it went erm... well i think. ahahhaa. went to wah chee for lunch after video-ing and all
joined sebby, melia and nick to study. joan joined us soon after and my stalker came after. woops, i keep changing his name. hahaa.
was almost a failed study session. ughhh.
i ended up reading my vampire book. hahaa. but i haven finished reading it yet. it's with my stalker.

oh yeah, this is the thingum i painted on his thumb. hahaha. obviously the fatter one is his.
went to subway to watch him eat and sun bian get a cookie from him. hhahaah
im damn broke, idk why. spend too much money on food? hmmm
and he kept insulting the way i speak chi. he says it's not nice, like the way i pronounce the words sounds very robotic. nehs.... my chi oral is quite awesome k.
i've damn a lot of mozzie bites!!!! ughh
blood too tempting, too sweet. and that boy still wipe food on my leg.
& i should go sleep now=]
i discovered something really sweet today! and i don mean the sweet that you can eat luh. anyhoo, makes my day.=D

p.s: i want my myojo ramen and ham sandwich and milo. =]

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