Tuesday, June 22, 2010

change is constant.

HOMGOSH, just fast forward to the 3rd video he shows in this video. around 3.00

let's say it together, WTBONG?
hahahah, k... don know if that video's real but looks real to me and it's damn cool!! HAHA

have been studying in sch for the past 2 days.
went to sch super early today for 3 and a half hours of phys before meeting tim and sk for lunch. but we went for lunch with christabel, vanow and esther. OMGOSH CC AND ESTHER!! i think the stall we ate at is really the cause for our stomachache. shiat.
i was wondering why my stomach was feeling weird then chris and esther suddenly ask if i have stomachache. STUPID STALL. tim said his friend found CURLY hair in his rice before. HAHAHA. curly hair and normal is very different.
i think today was more productive than yesterday's study session though. haha.

sebby and wh!
STOP SINGING P____!! YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS. i wonder who started it yesterday, went on the whole freaking day. -_- and that __ was a LONG TIME AGO. grrr
sucks, i'll totter time all the way then. but, it's not that funny anymore. hhahhaa. make another stupid video=] kthxbye

maybe they're not as far as i thought they'll be. =]

oh ya, amelia cheng almost screwed her life up yesterday. HO HO.
she was there but her brain wasnt i guess. tsk tsk! but she was lucky anws=]]
GOOD FOR YOU, seriously. LOL. phew
and woman, you better study, stop drifting your mind off to other stuff ( you know i know ) hahaha.

okay! time to bathe. lol, was just talking to him bout bathing-_- wtbong
kinda excited for a hair cut on thurs though.
a haircut = save shampoo = hair gets to dry faster = sleep earlier = body is more energized
and the list goes on. hahah
might be watching toy story with my brother that day too. HE STILL OWES ME A STUPID MOVIE TREAT. since last year... but i'll never forget that promise you made.... muahaha

i do not entertain sick comments unless i know you well. in the previous post, i was talking bout some... let's call them strangers, and it just got gross-er. i was so tempted to report him. LOL. but like so mafan so i chose block instead. k, it's not that bad considering i've received grosser stuff x1894734979 but still ughhh.

and the front part of my previous post was just a mixture of everything that has happened. good bad retarded. it's quite fun though cuz no one understands my alien lang.
talking bout lang, i remember my cousin telling me secret ways of talking and it's ten times more tedious than talking normally. hahahah. but it was fun anws. i miss her.

p.s: =/ 1 week left to the start of the first paper. =/ good luck everyone.
thanks sophy for the doughnut! thanks vanow for the panties! HAHAHAH

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