Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bailamos: season of life
no one thought bailamos could have been such a success.
honestly, i didnt think it could be that great too
cuz everything was super last minute
we were all stressing out over costumes and stuff. it was not an easy period at all.
the whole journey since the beginning was not smooth.
we were faced with MANY problems, personal and non-personal problems.
but yes, eveything turned out fine in the end. =] and im glad it did
theatre week was definitely hectic. it was CRAZY.
i remember i was still freaking out on the first day at the cpa because i was not used to the place yet
and i lost my direction on stage many times. the floor was different as well.
but theatre week was as fun as they made me think it would be.
i thought it would just be filled with loads of tension and stress but i think we really bonded so much more during that period. especially on the last day of perfomance, when they played don let go and we went around hugging everyone and smiling at each other, i cried. i was really sad to even imagine that was our last night together. but nonetheless, im sure we are all very proud of ourselves for the last night. we did a splendid job guys!=]
first night didnt go as well as we wanted it too.
like for myself, my skirt tore, i stepped into the hole, tripped right in the middle of the stage.
i was angry at myself.
i went home, sewed up that stupid hole.
went to the stage to practice the same steps where i tripped at with the skirt just to make sure i wouldnt make the same mistake again. and i found another tear in the dress.
but im glad all my friends gave positive feedbacks. the last thing i want the audience to say is that "the show was a waste of my 20bucks". but im glad no one made that comment.
there was even a comment that our performance was so good it can make it to the esplanade. =]
the friendships we built in dance are amazing. each and evey item was awesome. bailamos couldnt get any better. im just sad it's over so soon.
after the last night of performance, we all went to swensens at HV for supper.
hahaha, i just bought fries with anette but i was super full after that cuz i went around jewing other ppl's food. hahhaha. but i left my camera at swensens. i went home and wanted to look at the pictures and laugh before i sleep but couldnt find it. luckily sunshine said i left it there and it's with him. PHEW. scared me ttm.
me and andrea=]
cher, joan, sebby and me at swensens!

the amazingly crazy dance ppl
SHOELACE. hahaha. that's my nick in dance.
and some amazing photos taken by amazing ppl=]
latin beats

costume's awesome

the item me, melia, sebby and wh choreo-ed together, it brought so many ppl together. HO HO. you know who you are.

sakura. my favourite solo actually. cuz it's the easiest to express and i had so much fun doing this solo part in front to scare ppl. haahaha.

okay that's it guys.

that's all i can say about bailamos. it's one of the best moments in my life=]

not to forget the almost boob slip for the opening act. super obscene. hahahha.

thanks to those who came down to watch! and getting flowers for me=]

thank you sophy for you note, sms, flower and help at the backstage during quick change=]

thank you sheryl for being such and awesome buddy

thank you melia for doing heartburn with me and making such a success

thank you mdm lim for tweezing my eyebrow on the last day of performance! HAHAHHAA.

okay, im sweating like mad cow in the study room now

going out for class dinner 2moro but meeting sun in the afternoon first to satisfy our fried chicken cravings=] wheee.

k bye guys. =] AHH i really miss bailamos=[ i woke up thinking i still had to go to sch for dance. i was dreaming bout blocking for heartburn. i was dreaming bout how i could have not slipped and feel during the first night. i dreamt of so many things regarding dance.


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