Sunday, May 9, 2010

when sex's just the right word to use

went to anette's house yesterday for some girl time
the weather was KILLING ME. i could feel the sweat flowing down my back constantly in the train.
met anette at ion before walking to her house.
her house is damn freaking nice.
i could only go omgosh when i went in. it's like some 5 star hotel. HAHAA.
k nvm, shant say so much, later anette kill me.
after that, went down to tanglin mall to pick melia and laura up before going back to her house.
we ate mee siam for lunch at her house first. then we took turns to bathe and stuff
and started putting make up! hahaha. supar girly session. melia was feeling out of place cuz she hates make up since cgs. hahaha. but then she realized she was a bit pale, so she decided to ask us for help. hahha. all of them looked hot yesterday. =]]] and pretty everyday!
cam-whored around anette's house. lol. photos are on fb.=]

then we went down to raffles city to meet xiu sharon jou teng first at shokudo. wh and wc came to join us after that. they were wearing some gay buddies shirt. ahahha. LOL. the ice cream there's so good. gahhh.
after that, we walked to esplanade to meet the other dancers and to get our tickets. i swear our bailamos ticket owns their. =]]
there was some choir thing going on then and shang kai was helping us to take a picture. but he said 1 2 3 in a damn retarded voice so i burst out laughing. and everyone started shh-ing me. wanted to killself then. gahhhh

me, law, melia
CHICAGO WAS THE SEX. seriously damn good show. alot of ang mohs were there. haha. like think they were the majority. bra panties vulgarites humor raunchy actions. what more can we ask for. worth the 56 bucks
after that, went to macs with vic xiu and jillian for small supper before going home.

random pictures in school

gp project day. hahaha. we're a tandas girls. tandas means toilet.
we were supposed to do our project. we did but for a short while only... hahha. we rewarded ourselves wtith food after.

DAMN YUMMMY!!! must eat here. smashed chicken

oh i forgot when was this. we had a 20min break and so we went to the bleachers to nap. hahahha. awesome

dance is slowly stressing me up. need to sleep early and do my hw.
need to stop fb-ing.
and need to stop eating junk.
everything's slowly piling up. not sure if i can tank
there are alot of "if only...." in my head. gahhh
it's killing me.
i need to rant.
good bye=]

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