Saturday, May 15, 2010


de cotta keeps calling it a restaurant cuz it sounds like one. ahahah grr
I made my form teacher come. hahaha, so weird but nvm. =]
but those who are doing the CIP faminie camp thing cant make it for bailamos cuz it's on the exact same dates. sigh.
4TH AND 5TH JUNE GUYS!! 20 BUCKS. TICKETS RUNNING OUT SOON. ahahha. for me luh. cuz we only have like 14 tickets to sell but we're only given 10-_- idk why too.
im the cip rep of my class... phail luh. haven really done my part yet. hahaha. me and tze jun were like emailing this organization but was rejected. HO HO. need to do another one at the end of the year.
but me and melia are gonna do a dance cip during june hols. still need to find 2 - 3 more dancers to join us! anws! if you guys are interested, it's only on one day now, 15 june. 2 - 5pm if im not wrong. let me know asap! =]] it'll be fun i think. hahaha. cuz there's us. =]

black pig sleeping. he was sleeping on my hw-_- thanksss. haha
anws! more photos on chicago first=]
at anette's house. she's on the phone with sunshine
me and bimb=]]]
HO HO. phail shot to be sexy

anette's house have so many places to take photos. hahaha
at dinner. the gay buddies=] look at their shirt. seriously -_-! hahah
laura, anette, nat, melia, me.
me and law. hes' damn funny, he was bouncing the whole time during chicago. hahaha
during supper! thought no one was going for supper but turned out they were. xiu=]
and i forgot to post bout T4M outing. heeeee. it was retarded.
let's start off with this gay picture first. HAHAHA
k so, melia the pro was supposed to meet us at 11 first to discuss blocking while the rest comes at 1130
but ho ho, she only came at 1130 and gladys was even earlier than her. HAAHHA. wtb
aiya, everyone was late actually. except a good few=]
we ate at astons for lunch. but me and anette had to rush to HV for rubin's birthday celebration at swensons. it was retarded. we went there for like... 20 min or less and we rushed back to cathay to catch IP MAN 2. hhaa. anette, we were damn awesome. jittery and all. "10min more" -me. "can cut down to 5?" - anette. HAHAHHAHA. EPIC.
IP man 2 was good. maybe it's cuz i watched iron man 2 the previous day, so im not gaga-ing over ip man 2. but still, it was an awesome show=]]
group picture!
met tim, kopi and matt there as well. AC DANCERS FTW!
then we went to source for our item's costume at this fashion. LOL
we kinda settled on one but now we're using laura's MGS costume. the only prob is that, hers is a tube. and there's a tendency of it slipping down a little. just A LIL bit obsence at the top.
after that, we were all damn sian, didnt want to go to bugis to source for more dresses. hahahaa. and we were all craving taohuey. so we went back to that awesome tao huey shop=]
must go. cheap and good. =]]]
yeah!! omy mama, the dance concert stress is getting to me. plus hw and all. AHH MY TESTS ARE NEXT WEEK.
EVERYTHING'S LIKE BLEH FOR ME NOW. including my family. sigh.....
woke up this morning and my mum was scolding my brother
next thing i knew, he left the house and hasnt come home yet. he has contacted us but not sure when he's intending to come back. wts, so young only... sigh.
i don know how im going tank next week.
thankfully i have a few off dance days next week.=] whee
after dance yesterday, brought them to lucky plaza for awesome smashed chicken. HAHAHA
wh keeps telling me the shop might be close. and i was damn scared it will cuz melia will kill me if it has closed. like seriously, KILL ME.
well, the top one was closed, but the bottom one wasnt! PHEWWWW. i was crossing my fingers while walking into lucky plaza. hahaha.
kelvin and wh ate ultra fast luh. and they were complaining it was not enough. i shared with anette and i was damn full. PIGS.
after that, went back with wh, nat and keefe and we started playing the jabbing game. HAHAHA. and we kept staring at keefe's right boob cuz he said he can only move the right one but he refused to show us. hahaha. he just kept expanding his chest -_- anws, i felt damn short among them.
and you better stop staring at my stars, or i'll pluck your eyelashes and brows out soon. BEWARE.
walked up like 7 stories last night too. HAHA. long story. good work out i guess
i just need to feel that im ___
pls let everything be fine between them.

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