Monday, May 31, 2010


MIGHT BE MIA-ING FOR ONE WEEK, depending on how dead i'll be when i get home. hahaha

went out to watch sex and the city 2 today!
but my mum was scolding me before i went out cuz i've been going out alot alr. but it's all for dance. sighh. nvm, this week, i'll be earning points. shant go out for dinner this week... i try. AHHAHA.

yeah, its m18. i was still like shit, how to get in but luckily the guy looked at us, scan a little then just gave us the ticket. HOHO.
i mean sun's of age but im not. was telling him if i were anette, confirm must check ic. HAHAHA
the show was freaking sexual. AHHAHAHAA. damn joke.
i preferred part 1 though.
after the show, we went back to the tao huey shop=] always end up there. HAHA.
damn good stuff!!
going back there on the 7th again. =]]]]]]]]
idk why i ate damn little today. and sun ate like nobody's business. he stole my appetite.
who's the fat one now huh. LOL.

omshoots, i need to sleep now.

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