Sunday, May 2, 2010


some delayed photos! so yeah, admire them before i update you guys bout my life. HEE=]

we all screamed when this car came

mirror's kinda dirty. omgosh, i miss crescent for all the mirrors everywhere.
(y) win
=]]]]]]] depressed kid

i think we both look damn retarded.HAHHHA
this photo just makes me happy. idk why. so much sunshine on my face. hahhahaha =p
a tad lost....

CRESCENT DANCERS!=]]]] geraldine ftw. hahaha
painful warm up. i swear the one where melia lied on me when my leg's open killed me. EFFING PAINFUL DOWN THERE. luckily im not a guy if you get what i mean. ahahaha
ada, shang kai, sarah, pauline, park, me and bimb=]
crescent dancers again! woots
me and jessica=]
sixies won. whatcha have to say bout that. hahhaa, jk jk CGS AGAIN. hahhaah
so yeah!!!
where should i start. my whole week's filled up with dance as usual.
BAILAMOS IS COMING GUYS!! 4th and 5th june. i'll only have like 12 tickets so if you guys wana come watch must book tickets with me asap! AHAHA.
it's a dance concert and i'll be choreographing an item if you didnt know =]]]
but yeah, been busy cuz of that concert. next week will be the same.
have been dinnering out almost every night
making my mum bit pissed.
and coming home late's affecting a bit of my hw too. not much time to complete my hw and stuff.
oh ya!! didnt tell you guys bout my ballet exam. it wasnt like up to my standard but still went well=]]]
and i think i didnt talk bout dance camp. whoopsy. HAHAHA
anws, dance camp was awesome. was supposed to wake up at 6 plus to go have breakfast at the mrt first but overslept as usual, so i hitched a ride from keefe. luckily he overslept too. AHHAHAHA.
salsa workshop was a bit hard to follow. yknow, you watch in dance videos on salsa. and you thought it's easy to move your body that way but when you actually do it.... it's like WOAH... hard. but was still interesting. then we had hip hop ws. WAS DA BOMB. peter teo's awesome.
the warm up was like quite killer alr. HAHAHA.
then climax of the day was prize presentation. AHHAA. everyone was damn high.
after that, we had this love bridge thing. was damn sweet. wonder who created that. i said "retarded" to josh and epic to "keefe" HAHHAA. i said retarded most of the time... to really retarded ppl. HAHA. i received a "fat". THANKS TO WHOEVER ARH. hahaha. and a "sunshine" =] i figured that out alr. ahhaha
but yeah. that was awesome dance camp=]
oh yesterday!! hahahha
had buffet with my family and cousins.
we went to this hotel to have buffet.
AWESOME MAX. hahahhaha. the deserts were the best. i'll upload the pictures soon to make you drool. hehe. =]]]
after that, the youths went to novena to play rock band. supar fun. gonna go back there with the retarded ppl soon. AHAHHA. yknow who you guys are=]
i tried medium for the guitar the first time, thought i'll be pro enough to own it but failed terribly. hahaha. but after that, i did quite well for all the easy.
then after that, went back to great world city to catch IRON MAN 2!!!
the whole cinema clapped when ironman did some laser thingum and killed all the robots. DAMN FUNNY. wheeee=]]]]
i wanna watch sex and the city 2 when it comes out. toy story 3 maybe too.
alot alot. BUT NO TIME. DANG.
meeting t4m casts 2moro for lunch and to scout for costumes. gonna ps them for awhile for og and go back to them after.
anws, my mum's damn retarded.
this is a BIT personal but heck, think it's retarded.
mum: * passes me my bra.* i accidentally packed it in my stack
me: oh okay
mum: luckily i haven wear, if not i will stretch it
me: HAHA YA YA, yours very big luh i know.
on the way back from sembawang shopping centre
oh i told sunshine i was there and he said "oh the shopping centres only got cd arh". -_- thanks for the lame joke. hahahh.
i went to hold my mum's hands. interlocking fingers.
me: i like to hold your hands like this
mum: * listening
me: cuz got a lot of things to hold. HAHAHAHHAHAHHAA
my mum was laughing too and she went to change to the normal holding hands position
me: it's still the same!! hahahahahahha. still got alot to hold!
if you didnt get that, we were suaning each other, she was trying to tell me i had smaller boobs. but duh, i haven given birth yet. HAHAHA.
and i was telling her she has meaty hands. HAHAHHAA.
zomgosh, retarded much=]]] i like
oggays!!! im gonna sleep now and my hw's dying ttm. i hate my slackness.
thanks B.I. hhahaha, i don remember being that slack then. oh wait, maybe i was alr. sighhh.
need to complete my hw.

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