Wednesday, May 19, 2010

i have no idea why im blogging now. hahahaa
i have a stupid phys test 2moro but im wasting my time here. GAHH
anws! i got 21/25 for my math test on mon. wheee. i was supar happy. the only subject that i can do well in... so far. HAHA
i failed both my first phys and chem test. SUCKS.

sigh!! my item isnt done yet. around 79.331784 percent is done. im not being lame. laura went to calculate it. HAHAA.
and guess what guys, the concert's like next next week. i feel SO prepared.
and i realize kellie's in super alot of items. she's some superhuman.
must have good stamina and good memory.
she's superhuman, candice's god.
xiu was telling me someone said "oh my candice" LOL.

only the j1 girls in my item could stay back today and was quite productive i guess.
a few more secs!!!! just drag and do some lame transition and the dance can end. YES.
i should go off now and not waste my sleep away here.

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