Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hi, im moaning myrtle.
nah just joking. it's just harry potter week this week. hahahha.
lynn, hui yi and carmina are the ones who started it.
those 3 are like the crazy girls in our class.
me, sophy, lautner and vanow are the tandas [ toilet ] girls.
okay nvm! too much class info. HAHAA

this was during p.e last week
school is ending in a few days time, woots!
can like totally push away all my academic stuff and focus on dance for a full week till concert.
AND WHEE!!! we've have completed heartburn. you have no idea how relieved i feel now.
okay, not COMPLETELY finish, still left the last part but must wait for the j2s to end their mids first then can continue. but the skeleton's done! yes yes yes yes yes.
awesome ma ma.
i shall go do my fruit shape hole for pw now.
sounds weird... hahhaa
imma.... i shall sleep early. oh but still need to print gpp...
seriously, the weather's killing me. it's supar warm.
looking forward to my room now. hahaha

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