Sunday, May 16, 2010

he's back but has only caused more tears.
i can see thaat my mum is relieved he came home but the way he treats her...
my eld brother wanted to attack him just now but my mum stopped him from doing so and they went into the room room.
they were crying and it affected me as well. i felt so useless. could only bring a tissue box to them and give my eld brother a hug. =[
im fine but there's just something bothering me inside.
hope everything just turns out fine. how did it even get this bad. sigh

i need chapel.
it works for me. last week, i was having plenty of doubts bout things and almost wanted to give up, but after chapel, i felt so much more relaxed and my thoughts were clear.
i just feel like going to the beach or somewhere quiet and empty to breathe properly and ya, maybe with a friend or two.

p.s: thank you for "badass gay" thing. =] love it<3

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