Saturday, May 22, 2010

cuz your love your love your love is my drug

yejing sent me this photo. it's so sweet!

oh talking bout sweet, gladys msged us to watch the notebook today on channel 5. THAT SHOW IS DAMN SWEET!!



J1S. oh my mama, they're so cute
and i realized i forgot to posts these few photos. during choreo and practices

kay yeah, retarded ppl=]]]]
hahahha, have loads of fun with them every dance practice.
needa go choreo some steps mentally now
omgosh, i went to browse through my old fb albums yesterday
read my archives on my blog today
browse through my old photos just now.
i LOVE doing that. love to see how much fun i had in the past and stuff
oh right
had chi oral the other day
and when i was about to walk out of the classroom, i banged my head
cuz i was rushing to dance for vetting
so i was looking at sophy as i rushed out
then when i stepped out of the classroom and wanted to walk straight cuz i thought there wont be anything there, i banged into the fire extinguisher box. it was at my face level. didnt bang my entire face, just my left side.
OUCH. yes, ouch.
the oral examiners who were just behind me examining my friend both looked up and gave me the OMTIAN face. and they asked if i was okay. i was laughing at myself. but it did hurt for like 15min! couldnt really care bout it cuz i was stressing bout vetting then alr. but it's okay now. at least i don see any signs of blue black or my teeth bleeding. HO HO.
okay, im in a good mood now idk why. HAHHAHA. maybe it's cuz of the song im listening to. it's in my videos. hahaa. title of my post=]

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