Friday, April 9, 2010

yknow.... for the past few post... i've been talking bout the 2000th post? yeah wrong... it's actually the 1200th post. KINDA read wrongly for 3 days and UGHHHHH. stupid stupid stupid.

oh and, went to support the hockey girls today!! woooo!!
though we didnt win but it's okay! we still rock=] yeah man

went back to sch to continue choreography. AWESOME. pretty productive=]
but wen han kept complaining this and that. UGHH. ahahhaa. you go do the guy part then. YOU DO IT. hahhaa.
the gym has became our other dance studio to practice. we tried choreographing in the inner studio but was too noisy, so went to the gym instead.
keefe and anette waited for us [ so sweet ] to go dinner together but i couldnt so yeah, they went ahead.

when i reached home, was greeted by mating lizards.

yknow what, i was stuck here for like an hour. hahaha. i don know what else to blog about.
i was kinda pissed an hour ago and wanted to do an angsty post but now it's gone. LOL. time changes alot.

and my hot list in acjc is slowly expanding. AHAHA. there was one morning, me and keefe were sitting in the canteen, writing down the names of who he thinks are pretty. i have a list too, it's just in my head. hahaha.

anws, i haven been treating my blog properly. my blog posts are all neh neh.
but anws, for like the past one month, school had been good and bad for me.
alot of dance things. like dance then ballet.
ughh alot of things luh
but those things are slowly passing.... or i hope it is.
but i know i have not done anything mean or bad to you, so my conscience clear. but if you [whomever it may concern] feel that im destroying your life by just standing there, i cant do anything bout that too. anws, being unfair to you? hmmm.... please think again, really. i had no chance or anything to clear things up. just had to accept all your insults and accusations.

so yeah anws!
on a feather note, my ballet exam is coming! 26 april. i have a dance workshop on 24 april. i really hope i wont get any bad muscle ache or strain. if i do, fml. hahaha
after 26april, my life would be so much more free!!=] and i don know if i should resume my pointe class. i hate the feeling of not knowing alot of things while others know all alr. but i alr bought new pointe shoes. ughh.... how. i can sell them to my friend too but nvm... shall think bout that another day.

DID I MENTION I'VE RECEIVED MY CHINGAY MONEY! HAHAHA WOOTS=]] feeling richer. =] omg, i need to sleep soon. eyes closing. and i need to step into my aircon room soon too. it's damn stuffy here. UGHHH.

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