Saturday, April 10, 2010

woah, i suddenly miss crescent alot. 2009 was the best year. maybe cuz of the class i was in, most awesome ever. we did so many fun things together like teacher's day. i miss all those times.
jc life is just too filled with the same things. there's so little time to actually interact with your classmates properly. only between classes and all, but that's so minimal. it's so different!
zomg. recess used to be so fun. sitting at the benches, talking bout guys and other retarded things. laughing at each other.

in short, was happier before going to acjc.
HAHAHA. ughh.
ok, i cannot be distracted... need to do my gp article.

and good luck to those performing AYLI! and have fun to those who are gonna watch it.

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