Sunday, April 11, 2010

when i look at you

I PUKE. hahahahaha. imagine miley singing that song then say i puke. wtb.

anws! went to toon's house for a bbq today.
met lewis at bishan mrt before walking there.
i was sweating like mad luh
then the first thing toon offered us was this golf ball like sweet. damn freaking big and hard.
after licking it for 5min, i just left it on the table in a tissue.
the guys just put the whole ball into their mouth. AHAHA. but none of them finished it
josh was the only one who perservered all the way through. crazy. he was sucking it since 1 till like 7 plus?
before the rest came, was just chilling in toon's room. literally chilling. was damn freaking hot outside. was reading blogs and facebooking. my stupid itchy hand had to type that url in. ughh. then josh and lewis who were beside read too. like seriously!! UGHH.
hahahaha. haiz.... this is damn stupid. i shall not get further involved in this drama serial. i wanted to play along, but don think it'll benefit me. haha, and seriously, cant i have my own shitty problems? i don wanna be involved at all. pls kick me out off the picture. can i end this shit pls, seriously, too dramatic alr. lol. and this is for you. the fb status wasnt solely for you, even if you deny the post being for me. im being honest here and you're not on your blog. it's just... i actually wanted to know you before i went to AC believe it or not cuz you're my friend's sister's friend but seems like it's impossible now. im making things very obvious alr so yeah. i know this will anger you again or something and you'll rebut in your blog again but nvm, i just really needed to clear the air.

anws, i was damn hungry cuz i didnt had breakfast and the guys suck. they cant bbq. -_-
i was cooking for them to eat. and matt sucks as a butterer!!! he was dropping pulps of butter on the pork and chicken and the butter just slides off. HAHAHAA. they kept saying like 'ouch shit, damn hot'. LOUSY!! hahahha. well, turns out that lewis is even lousier than matt. AHHAHAA.

then we just sat around the table outside and crapped. they kept talking bout cat high stuff and the girls just listen and laugh. all the stories were damn retarded.
but it was all fun. then tim went in to study-_- josh and lewis too. sian
i didnt bring my hw. should have totally brought them along luh. UGHH. waste time.
i was just sitting at toon's doorstep with him, matt, kopi and andrew.
group picture!
yong hwee, his gf, tim, me, toon, josh, matt, kopi, andrew, lewis and his gf, mevis
blah blah blah. toon's dog is pretty =] but aggressive
went to j8 for dinner afterwards.
and i have to end my post here
SHUCKS. kkkkkk...... need to be hardworking.

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