Friday, April 16, 2010


i've never ever been excited for speech day for all my 4 years in crescent before.
and this year, im slightlyyyy excited only but still, better than nothing!=]
cuz......... get to meet loads of old friends and teachers~ and the sec 4s dancers are performing 2moro, had a sneakpeak alr the other day, think it'll be very nice!
good luck girls for 2moro's performance!

oh yesterday's dance prac................. i felt like dyingggg
cuz i was still recovering from my sickness, and i was still coughing and have block nose. so it was harder to breathe. but THANKFULLY i pulled through. there was one moment i thought i would have fainted, but luckily didnt. i was just huff puff at the end.
for today's prac, learnt the j1 item. =]] pretty fun, but was sweating like mad cows outside the dance studio. haha.
then at 6.30, did t4m. gahhhhhhhhhhhh. need to speed things up. things are looking OKAY now... but moving quite slowly.
still need to do blocking and all. UGHH FML.

ok, *you spin my head right round right round. [ the cough syrup's effect is damn strong ]
SD..... tsk tsk, know what website you're thinking of now. hahahahha.
need to go bed now!

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