Tuesday, April 20, 2010


i thought it would taste disgusting but was surprisingly not bad
anws! super delayed post on speech day. HAHHA. haven used the com for the past 2 days! finally managed to kick the addiction. LOL. i must say, thanks to dance! tire the hell out of me. too lazy to walk to the study room and switch the com on. hahahha

so anyhow! talk about speech day first.
made my way back to crescent again. after such a long time. sat in the PAT and chatted casually with some old friends. nostalgic. after that, we made our way to the hall. we started cam-whoring a little but the teachers kept asking us to sit back down.
k i slept three times in total. learnt the skill in ac to sleep while sitting on those kind of hard chairs. hahha. but i was damn high. kept cheering like mad. the dance was great guys=]] good job! after the whole ceremony, went down to the canteen for refreshments. WAS FREAKING GOOD. zomg. the chocolate eclairs were the BOMB. we kept taking and taking non stop. HAHAHAA. pigs

then after the satisfying food. CAMWHORE LIKE HELL.



k.... still have plenty of photos. hahaha.

speech day was good=]

AND this whole week. filled with dance after school.

my ballet exam's coming REALLLL SOON. like.... it's on the coming monday. gahhhhh. mdm fung just told us grade 8's examination system. DAMN WEIRD! it's so different from the previous years. ahhh nvm.... i shall just follow. HAHAHA.

and dance "camp" 2moro=]]] it's a one day camp. HAHAA. 3 dance workshops. exciteddddddddd. and i need to pack my bag soon. i freaking lost my aladdin pants!!! don know where it ran to. ANNOYING.

and yeah.... my item's progressing quite okay i think.... but ughh, still quite stressed bout it. vetting's this thurs. gahhh

K, i should go to bed now though i pretty much awake now for no reason.... AAHHAA

night guys!

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