Monday, April 5, 2010


im reaching 2000 posts alr. WTS!! that's damnnn fast.

and im gonna waste this post on crap

anws! went out to meet melia, wh and sebby for discussion today at ps.
was late as usual but the guys were much later! supposedly to meet at 1230 but they came at 1. i reached at 1250. AHHAHA.
well anws, melia was kinda off-mood cuz of some stuff. =[[ cheer up melia.
we just settled at carls junior for lunch.
ok, cut things short. overall, it was quite productive, considering we spent a few hours just writing those few pages. hahah. managed to get the song thingum done and er.... costume... somewhat done too.
we walked around p.s to look for the clothes after that. damn retarded. hahhaa.
we went into G2000 and the guys started trying on the white shirt with black tie.
white shirts changes alot. HAHAHA. i bet wh will be smiling after reading this. stop it. hahaa

in the end, didnt get to have the free swenson's ice cream. neh neh. nvm, maybe this wed... shall go holland v's swensons for the ice cream.
and i finished my P.I draft. awesome. but i haven done gas law tut. FREAKING LOADS OF QNS TO COMPLETE. WTB. ughhhhhh. life sucks [ 4g1's motto ]
so so so so, i have to go
and im gonna hitch a ride from keefe 2moro=] if it is comfortable, i'll be doing it for my next two years! woots. this means more sleep time in the car. hahaha. woohoo.

p.s: stop trying to make me an indian!! you know im talking to you. ahhahha. idiot.

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