Tuesday, April 13, 2010


pun intended.
so yeah, my nose leaked non-stop yesterday and this morning, started to run a fever.
slept the whole day today. "shiok?" quite but now im too tired to sleep again
i don know how i fell sick either
my runny nose has turned into block nose now.

i think im going to school 2moro... think. hahaha
and i have phys and gp test 2moro. GG.
and i have nth else to blog about cuz my day is only filled with sleep and more sleep.
well yesterday during ballet, i used up 2 packets of tissue. nose just leaked non-stop

speech day is this sat=]]]
and shucks, i suddenly feel damn hungry
have been eating damn little the whole day.
i was forcing myself to eat nutella bread for lunch just now so that i can eat my medicine. almost puked it out but luckily i didnt.
and i should really go and study SOME phys and GP and then get some rest.
p.s: my life is slowly improving [despite the fever]

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