Thursday, April 8, 2010


not sure when those dark photos [above] were taken. lol. EH SHIT, my hands are shaking. idk why... what the..
anws! THIS IS MY 1999 POST!! the next would be the 2000th. WOOHOO!!!
i remember i did a long post for my 1000th post but im a bit, just a bit lazy to do a long one for 2000th. depends luh. if i have the time then i will. that means must wait longer... hahaha.
morning chit chat with bimb. last week i think
then went back to crescent on that very day too

oh ya, we're DAMN dumb. geraldine and melia made us lost.

we took one bus and ended up don know where. then melia say take 51 [ i think ] will go back but we ended up don know where too. in the end, we just cabbed to crescent. PHAIL. hahahha

so anws! zaki did blocking today for his item. zomg, his item is damn nice.. if im able to execute the movements luh. hahha. im having trouble balancing and doing it nicely but whatever, practice makes perfect. new balakus on my knees.

shucks... need to think of choreography my for own item. but ughh!! no inspiration. songs all quite slow but sweet. nehmind, should be able to come up with something at the end of the day. always does. just like crez awards last year. ZOMG, the wonder our last part was quite shitty. aahaaa. rush through. so yes anws, gonna do choreography 2moro as well. hope something pops in my mind. and ahhh... will be damn busy alr. with alot of dance thingums.
BI threw a freaking SOCK in my face. wts. KILL YOU
PLUS, going down to support the hockey girls tomorrow!! woots. all the best girls!!! the best is yet to be. hahaha. wts. -_-
k ugh, damn sleepy now. i don know if im supposed to hand in compre 2moro. im too tired to think and do....

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