Friday, April 2, 2010


anws, yesterday was pretty retarded. considering it's april fool's day.
we were planning to prank jeremy actually. we all thought it was his birthday yesterday.
but we purposely wish winston happy birthday to pretend it's winston's birthday and not jeremy's.
when we're singing the song, we will say happy birthday to jeremy instead
we were all damn ughhhh at him luh
his birthday is 2/12. wtb
TSKKK. BUT OH WELLS, still had choco cake to eat. HHAHAA. jew

and chem lecture was retarded
de cotta got lectured in front of the whole lt. AHAHHAA. damn stupid. k, partly cuz of me but i was the victim. LOL.
the lecturer's damn weird luh.
his sji friends were all giggling away
aiya, the whole situation was damn retarded. HAHAHA
and the lecturer got mad and ended early

then.... the rest of the day was just boring
i started feeling very troubled. hahahhaa. my mood totally went from high to low.
however, after dance, it was SO much better. hahaha.
went for MUTS with the usual few for the last hour of the movie.
think laura bought popcorn. it was damn good! 2 bucks only, our class sold it for 3.80 the other time for fund-raising. HAHAHAA. wtb.
after muts, stayed back a little to discuss dance stuff then rushed to my ah ma house.
the walk there was a little scary. quite empty. hahaha. but doesnt beat mo mo's house area.
was going back from her house the other time with keziah and we ended up running cuz it was just too scary. AHAHHHAA. miss the good old times. didnt even get to see keziah during fun o rama=[

some photos.....!!!!!

slacking during practice.
=D but leg's not kicked high enough
woots! not bad, same timing
wrong photo. haha

was stretching my muscles. and anette had to take it-_-
HAHAA. this photo just amuses me
SMALL GIRL. ahahahha. i'll try to ask my mum again!!
more F.O.R PHOTOS!
was cam-whoring on melia's camera for fun and she really posted it on fb-_-
another amelia, celestine, hui yi, BCG [ only keefe knows what it means, haha ], lautner
lautner, mariko, me!
wenhan, phailed ghost. haha

the only shot that got through cuz i was aiming dian's camera. hahahahamascots FTW!!!!!
shags=] me and mian! alot of ppl say we look alike. hahahaa.
preparing stuff in the morning
talking bout look alike
SOOOOO many ppl say me and melia look alike.
HAHHAHA. zaki said so too. but he say melia's eyes are slittier. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. WTS, THAT WAS DAMN FUNNY. so now we call her the slitty girl.
okay, maybe we do look alike when we dance. even her mum couldnt differentiate us on stage last year. my mum told me to bring her home one day so she can judge too-_-
SIGH, we hang out too much alr. HAHAHAHAHA.
and our dance item got selected. yayness. but that also meant more time needed to choreograph, teach and perfect our steps. EEEK.
i wasted my day away today by waking up at 230. hahaha. just slept ate and napped.
though i went jogging just now [ YES GODAMNIT, I WENT JOGGING. HAHAHAHA. flick you for not believing ] i had fried chicken for dinner. hahaha. oh wells. HECK
look at what keefe said!
"jog for what, you aint even fat"
and wenhan! he is not lying nor is he being just nice. HAHAHA. asshoole
anws, my new hand soap smells nice. PAMOLIVE. hmmm=]]
oh and i've been putting myself in so many people's shoe today. i don know why. i mean i keep saying, 'if i were you'. HAHHA
OH AND bong, I LOST MY HAIRBAND. think it's in the dance studio. cuz that's where i last saw it=[ i really liked that hairband. bet josh is damn happy i lose it cuz he keeps telling me that colour is not allowed
andddddddd er, gtg bathe! and try to wake up early 2moro to do hw. =] [like that's gonna happen]

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