Tuesday, April 6, 2010


i love dried cranberry. sweet and sour snack.

anws!! gas law still sucks for me luh. ughh
and i slept half of chapel again. aahahaa. and amanda khoo caught me sleeping-__- she was just a few seats away in front of me and she texted me.
i think i eat either choco or peanut waffle everyday. wts. is waffle healthy? doubt so
oh shit, phone just died. nvm, im dying soon too

stayed back to do some cip shit. didnt do much. tze jin was doing most of it. hahaha. woops. but he's the N.E rep and he say cip rep is supposed to HELP the N.E rep so yeah, i was just there to HELP. hahahaha

went home with BI and was supposed to have dinner but left school too late.... hahaha. and i had ballet so.... pangsehed bi.. woops. felt quite bad but UGHH. after all the counting 1 to million and stuff... >:@ LOL. muahahha, i don feel bad alr. idiot ttm. BI BI BI BI. =]]

im damn sleepy. zomg. i.am.going.to.crash.my.bed.alr.

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