Wednesday, March 17, 2010


class outing.
like most of us were late. hahaha. only a few were early. damn phail.
after waiting, we went to get lunch!

OH I SAW KEZIAH THERE. zomg, i was like screaming and hugging her when i saw her. hahaa
more random pictures after using the toilet. hahahah

k so yes!! let me summarize my class outing.
it was filled with magic, water and blood. im serious.
apparently, derrick knows alot of card tricks and we were learning from him.
for example...

LOL. phail but nvm! looks okay
then yeah, we were at vivo at first. sitting at the stadium. oh i saw yi chye there with his class.
after that, we planned to catch a movie and changed our minds after that
then we walked over to harbour front centre for god know what reasons and the guys started playing catching. ahahha. wtbong
then yeah.... we finally walked back to vivo again.
sam got pushed into the water by winston. they were supposed to attack de cotta but lucky him! if not his iphone would be screwed. sam was totally wet. hahaha, damn funny.
then after that
we tried attacking one another. we were like about to throw sophy in but de cotta and sam came and extra. and lynn got injured instead. it's damn gross. UGHHH. yuck. kept bleeding and bleeding. after that, i went for ballet.
SO YEAH. summarized my class outing. HAAHHA

and more pictures from clique outing!!!

me and lynn

brandon and yi shang
and yeah. have been going back to sch for the past 2 days for dance. tue was choreographing day. pretty productive and was really fun. ahhahaa. today we had dance with zaki. can die. hahha. 2moro... or rather today cuz it's 12. GAHHH!! needa sleep!!. FREAK. supposed to do hw. STUPID. ok yeah.
2moro's ms wee's dance. pls give me strength. lol.
oh and today we were practising after dance. we lacked chemistry at the start. and sebby said something like you guys are physics today. WTBONG, LIKE FREAKING LAME. AHAHHAHAA. oh wells, got better at the end... i think + hope.
after that, went to holland v for lunch. and melia had to suggest subway. gahhh. subway's like the hardest thing to eat. always messy. ALWAYS. S.A.W [ seb, amelia, wen han ] witness the painful procedure of me eating. then we started playing with straws and stuff. or rather me and wen han. seb and melia were just sitting there and watching us fight. hahahhha.
damn retarded luh. i embarrassed myself on tue bout this KFC thing that i will not share unless you ask/beg me to.
after subway, we still went to frolick to get yogurt. ahhaa. eh no, it's only wen, then we all just kope. LOL. and walked all the way back to the mrt later on. WALKEDDD. actually, wasnt that far but. HAHAHAA.
nvm, my eyes keep closing.

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