Tuesday, March 2, 2010


nope, that has no meaning at all. hahaha, it's just the brand of the wafers im eating now
so anws! life has been going up and down for me recently.
i've talked to a few ppl about why im feeling down and they've all successfully cheered me up!
i just talked to dian about it today and ahhh.. she makes me feel a whole lot better=]

so anyhow.... let's see.
founders day on mon. AND AND AND. yknow the movie i not stupid, the shawn guy was at ACJC on mon!!! AHH. haahaha. he looks good real life. think he's 3 years my senior. WOAH. but wtbong, at least there's still some mini connection there. hahhaa.
after founders day, we had a class outing. or rather.... a puny class outing
7 PPL WENT ONLY!!!!!!!! 3 boys, 4 girls. our class have 23 ppl. where did the rest vanished to? erm... OG. hahaha
fine, be like that.
we initially wanted to go to cathay but ended up at lido instead. lido used to be my hang out place. so yeah, saw a few crescentians there and they said hi to me. hahaha.
so ya! we went to buy tickets for "DEAR JOHN"
de cotta kept going "the GUYS will choose the next movie next time"
hahaha, come on, it wasnt THAT BAD WHAT
a bit boring but still sweet. the lead actress quite hot. the guy looks weird though [ prefer him in step up].
7/10 maybe? haha

and yes, after the movie, we wanted to chill at starbucks
i have no idea why we walked all the way to 313, stayed there for 2 min and walked to centre point. is that place called centre point? i have no freaking idea but heck.
yeah, only a few bought coffee though. drank's de cotta's mocha and felt really sleepy afterwards. have no idea why. hahah
trained home afterwards.

and today..... de cotta has been lying to everybody!!!
he told everyone i cut him and he bled like mad and orchard is filled with his blood-_- hahaha. what rubbish. he's my poke buddy. hahahaha. poke poke poke.
after sch today was very fun. HAHHA.
tze jin's always with de cotta, he's like his brother. de cotta always bully tze jin but they're very close! haahaha. bromance.
oh man, i love bullying my brother. it's so good to have a eld brother like mine! when he's in a good mood of cuz. i can just punch/pinch/slap his moobs/ annoy him whenever i like. hahahhaa. and he always give me a very funny face. if not, he'll just ignore and i continue the torture. SO FUN RIGHT. HAHAHHAA. im so abusive... sigh.

but not as bad as cheah. KEEEP ON ANNOYING ME. maybe that's how my brother thinks of me.... k, that's pretty damn annoying. hahahaa. and he's like... STRONG. so wtbong. but sharon saves my day!! hahahaha. yay sharon. hahaha. =]] her movie's coming out this sept or something. yes yes, she acted in a movie. how BLOODY COOL IS THAT! i'll tell you guys more details when it reaches and go support her=]

yay, happy much. that took 2 months to arrive. but wtbong, still lovin it.
yes how much.. 49.10 only luh. hahha.

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