Saturday, March 20, 2010


anws, had a bad night last night. thanks for those who asked what's wrong.
well, obviously there'll be something wrong. wont just FML away for no reason.
it's not solved yet but just need time for now. hope things will turn out fine. that's why we need to be positive thinkers! im fine now anws. =]]

some photos. no that's not me sucking the ice cream. hahaha, though i wish i was. NVM, FREE CONE DAY'S COMING!=]] that's shao min.
see, we were trying to throw sophy into the water
and out of nowhere, two DANGEROUS hands came. that made lynn scratched her knee and it was freaking grossssssssssss.
me and vanessa

be very afraid of me. hahahaa
so anyhow!
my hols was spent with dance most of the time
mon was with class
and tue was with choreographers
wed: dance
thurs: dance then crashed xiu's og dinner
fri: MINI (4 in total only. like wtb) pri sch lunch, combined prac at nan hua, crashed xiu's og dinner again, ballet.
more photos. [ all not in order ] haha. at nan hua
tao huey. crashed xiu's og dinner on thurs
lunch after dance on wed

after dance on wed. practising
my awesome star jump

dance partner. he is lucky to have me as a dance partner. hahaha, im damn light, like 30kg. HAHA [i wish]
dance prac on tue=]

im like going backwards for the photos.
anws! dance on wed and thurs was damn crazy. that's an understatement though.
just insane insane insane.
hahhaa, but it was fun too.
stayed back after dance on wed to practise the lifts again. think i alr blogged bout that so let's skip to thurs!
it was raining like hell on thurs
so we stayed in sch and ate at the pool cafe instead.
josh and the other dancers went for buffet after lunch
k let's see. after lunch, he went for the buffet [he ate alot], then went for ben and jerry's, then went for dinner and then tao huey.
anws, crashed their og dinner on thurs.
was just supposed to loiter with xiu, melia, sophy and wen han at bugis but called my mum and she allowed me to have dinner out. lol
so yeah, melia met her friend half way and the rest went to play arcade at this child place. hahhaha. damn retarded i swear. the machines all scam us of tickets luh.
then after that, we took a bus to cityhall to meet the rest of xiu's og and ate at... shit, i forgot the name of that place. but was pretty cool. then walked opposite to the taohuey place for taohuey. i like cold taohuey.
well then, went back afterwards. got a scolding from my mum. was 5min past the curfew. wooops.
well then fri. yeah... was supposed to go ballet after going to nan hua but no, xiu the great persuader kept asking me to crash her og dinner. hahahhaha.
so yeah i did in the end. left half way and by the time i reached my ballet place, i only had half and hour left. HAHAHA. win.
so sat....
was supposed to go shopping with my mum but like she had this photography job at 6 and we reached bugis at 5. wts right
and i actually managed to get my swimwear and shoes in that hour. i felt accomplished.
though it was pretty annoying cuz she kept giving that UGH face and kept rushing me. i was like 'ugh, fuck' to myself, quietly. HAHA.
so anws, when i finally got my shoe, she was suddenly nicer to me. -_- she pangsehed me after and i went to for yogurt. wen han was at haji lane area so he joined me for yogurt and after that walked around at illuma cuz i haven been there before.
i think the design's quite cool but he thinks it's kiddy. and he wanted to take this giant escalator-_- lol.
well after that, went home for dinner. was freaking hungry, i finished the whole packet of chicken rice and i ate extra goodies. usually i'll finish the chicken and leave behind some rice.
and that same night, stupid things happened luh. ughhh
nvm, was watching 500 days of summer last night too. sweet show=] but lil confusing. hahaa
NEEDA complete my hw alr. BYE

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