Wednesday, March 31, 2010


woots! most things that i predicted today came true.

and woohoo, 2moro's APRIL fool's day. but brandon had to prank me today, i alr suspected so too bad. hahah
thanks to de cotta, the main mastermind. watch out arh.

so yeah, i don really feel like continuing my F.O.R story. hahhahaa. just slacked most of the time after my shift at north lodge and scone's cafe. nathan hartono [ wtv his surname is ] was there singing. damn good!=]] mesmerized..... i bet he practices his facial expression in front of the mirror oftenly. hahaha. he looks damn hot when he sings. heart melt when he goes high pitch. and wtbong! joey's friend is nathan's sister. WTH WTH WTH. hahahahaha. lucky girl. but oh wells, have i mentioned i spent 20 bucks on a cup?! a freaking cup.
heck that.

i've been feeling very sleepy during lessons nowadays. no idea why
like the half day on mon, went back to cgs with my dancers and i slept on the sch stage.
after that, went for ballet and slept on the floor. AHHAHAHHA. not for like 1 hour or stuff luh. just closed my eyes and lie there for 5-10 min cuz mdm fung was correcting some other ppl.
i kept falling asleep during lectures too. hahaha
and UGHHHHHH, 2moro's timetable is fri's timetable.
FISHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. fri's my suckiest day of the week. super long day. screw you friday. TGIF my backside.
there's dance 2moro too. woots, felt like i haven danced for so long.
should be going for MUTS [movie under the stars] after dance too
there was some rumor that they'll be screening a horror show instead of remembering the titans cuz it's april's fool but i don think so! we'll see.
gonna bring chips to snack on 2moro. yeah whatever, greedy fat pig. pfffs. who grows fat over a packet of chips. hahahha. amelia keeps telling ppl im damn pig. i keep jewing other ppl's food. HAHAHAH. yeah i know i do that but ughhhh, cant help it=]

SHIT, i needa do some hw.
anws, teng's an ass, SERIOUSLY. all he does all day is complain. V childish and annoying!! cant believe still doing all the stupid things he's doing now. GONNA REGRET IN THE FUTURE, MUAHAHA. oh wells, must forgive the childish ones [can imagine de cotta calling me children now] for their doings and sooner or later, i'll unleash the mean person inside of me soon. WATCH OUT

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