Sunday, March 14, 2010


SAT!!! met my clique in town
yknow what!! i purpsely made myself 15min late and i was still the earliest
how shitty huh. hahaha. aishah called me about 10min after i reached town and so i met her and we sat at the open space outside ngee ann city. then afterwards, mo joined us and with mo around. woahhh. just listen. HAHAHHAA.
then kanice joined us after.=] the 'EARLY BIRDS'. well yi shang was alr at taka when i went to town, but she had to do something with her mom first.

then we walked around and around and we searched for yi shang in taka. we were all damn hungry. HAHAHA. our clique's like the food clique, JUST EAT.
so yeah, we went to yoshi for lunch and the bitching continues. LOL


so those who arent from ACJ start bitching bout the ppl in their sch. LOL.
it was damn retarded. so and yes!
LPQ. she told me she was coming at 1, she turned up at 2.40-_-
after eating, we walked around and cam whore and this security guard just kept telling us not to stand in the middle and block the way,TWICE.
wtbong. like seriously, there werent much ppl there. and we were saying goodbye to some ppl then. we cant hug and walk at the same time!! i really cant hit off well with security guards. they just piss me off somehow.
so yeah! amanda and pei qi are like major shopping queens. think they both spend over hundred yesterday, it's crazy. i felt guilt buying a skirt alr. HAHAHHA.
but ya, they really shop like crazy.
i need to get new shoes and swimsuit!
until like 4 or 5 plus, we went to macs to sit again. aiyerrrr... just keep talking and eating again. haaha. left after finishing the mcflurry ice cream to meet my classmates
i was supposed to meet them at Ion, so when i reached, they said to meet at dunkin donuts. when i reached there, they were not there. and dc called me and said he saw me. he told me to go left, no right, walk straight, no left, go right. I KNEW SOMETHING WAS WRONG. damn stupid!!! aghhhhhh. finally, he just shouted my name from across. lynn was like dying from laughter when i went over. HAHAHAA. gahhhhhh.
then they went for "tea" at 5? so stupid. lol, they went to burger king. after like 10min, the guys left and me and lynn stayed behind. oh guess what! lynn broke her slippers and she walked around barefooted. hahahahha. WIN.
and she waiting for her friend to come and buy her slippers.
then after awhile, her friend came and then i left to find my clique again at wisma.
AMANDA AND PEI QI WERE STILL SHOPPING!!!!!!! AHHAHAHA. WTBONG. like seriously man, they are damn rich.
that's when i bought my skirt actually. they influenced me... LOL.
sigh. we went to the basement of ion for dinner after wards and yi shang's og friend, brandon, joined us. HAHA. he wanted to have dinner with her alone at first but aww too bad.
k nvm.=]] we all left them alone after cuz he came pretty late, and we had all finished our meal alr. LOL.
so yeah, class outing tomorrow at vivo. woots. =] PLS DON LET IT RAIN.
tue: dance choreo in sch
wed: dance
thurs: dance
fri: ballet
NEED TO DO MY HW. gahhhhh
and choreograph something

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