Sunday, March 28, 2010


i just realized both our stalls start with B.
supposed to reach school at 630 but er went there at the same time.
well at least MUCH better than sam. think he came at 8 or 9? hahaha. wts
started off squeezing lime. yeah, we made fresh lime juice. =]
think that's the most tedious job of all.
business was so-so i guess... hahaa
the game stall closed down for awhile cuz they ran out of battery
so they changed the game in the end. haha

dian and me. mascots. but i only did my duty for the last 30min. hahaa. shitzz

me, dian, kanice
ivandy! finally met this dude after a super long time

at north lodge
ghost, josh, me. hahha dear sophy!
KAIMIN=]] and look at the milo tin hanging from my neck. =]
group of juniorsssss
bimb. [one in blue ]

josh and his gay balloony=]
woopsy. blocked anette's face. hahaa. love this small girl
so anws!! fun o rama was not as fun as i expected but nonetheless, still fun!
haunted house was the bomb
we cut yishang's and brandon's queue cuz yi shang was too scared to go in. hahahaa
so yeah. josh was damn scared too. FREAKING HILARIOUS.
there's this recording on fb. a must hear. hahhahhaha
and anette was screaming all the way.
anws, have to stop here.
needa go to bed. i MIGHT continue this post if i have the mood. haha
bye guys.=]

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