Sunday, March 7, 2010


hahhhaha, there's a dance concert coming up. forgot when it is but yes... a few months time i think.
and i thought bang bang boom's a cool name for the concert. HAHAHHAA. yes im joking. but don you think it's catchy to go: hey! do you wanna go for bang bang boom?
LOL. so anws! some pictures first!

taken from geraldine's camera. going back to cgs to sell tickets

elgyn! his hair rocks=]
back at crescent.....=]]]
the retarded us
and founder's day! dian stalking me from behind. HAHHA
and again.
going out with SD1
me, tze jin, de cotta
sharon and me=]
so anws, life has been GRRRRR
for my gp, i have to post some article thingy on wordpress every week. well, this is the first week, so i have zero idea on how to use wordpress
i used the whole bloody day, k fine, half a day to figure that thing out.
and had to wait till today till my post can be posted. SUCKS RIGHT.
and i was venting my anger on edison and jeremy and winston. AHHAHAHA. edison cuz he was the only one online from my class that time. jeremy cuz he's the gp rep. and winston cuz he was chasing me for it! so yes, i annoyed all 3.
anyhow, it was finally posted alr. so im happy!=]
and on fri, i didnt know why i was so looking forward to dance.
maybe cuz my day sucked. i have a super long day for fri. UGHH.
and yes, i worked out alot on fri. blisters and baluku, makes me feel like i've worked hard. LOL.
i decided to stay all the way that day before going for ballet cuz it ended half and hour earlier. ms wee was talking to us at the end and mentioned her dog died yesterday. i felt really sad to hear that. cuz i understand how that completely feels. sigh
i was damn dead during ballet. and i was damn smelly!! yucks. oh and, think i was still stuck in the dance mood when i went to ballet. my teacher say i move my head and chest too much. it's classical ballet, just move a little bit can alr. LOL.
but i could still use the com till 1am when i got home! HAHA
AND ACJC PEEPS!!! 1SD1 is selling prata 2moro!!!!=]]] go buy them from the candeck k!
I NEEDA GO DO SOMETHING ELSE.... feels like there's something else i have to do.
AHHH. i feel like i needa be thinking of something but. AIYA! i shall go think of dance steps now.
ciao lovelies!

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