Thursday, February 4, 2010


you haven known, my OG name is called zephyros!!!
and to make things short...
1st day: weird, awkward.
2nd day: liking it
3rd/4th/5th: IM LOVIN IT [the macs thingy]
and on the 6th! i lose my voice. hahahaha.
i sound sexy and manly now.

so anws
during the orientation week, we've been playing loads of games and have done loads of forfeits
for example...

guo chuan [ shanti! ] in a pinofold!!! i went home with him today cuz he live at yishun, even further than me!! i feel happier. HAHAHA.
and like this! the guy's our ogl. he has paper boobs!
we have tons and tons of various dares.
mine was to propose to a bag in front of everyone. i just screamed 'will you marry me' to a random bag and hugged it. HAHAHHA
and the other one... our void deck plays music at a certain time and during that time, you belong with me was playing. my forfeit was to go to this j2 called zara[i think] and touch her hair and sing the song to her. hahhaa. she kept saying:' my hair's wet!' forfeits are funny.
more pictures first!
sheena, me, karen=]
weird dude[gabriel], sherlyn, me, jia qi: the two in red are my OGLs!!!=]] and sherlyn's from crescent=]
ZEPHYROS! they are all pointing the z in the wrong direction except me and rubin [ candy! ] hahaha
oh, my nick is 'yandao'. [handsome dude!]
toon!! after orientation on tues! haha
kim moh and me! she looks like the avatar monk boy.
OGLs! hahahah, they actually join us in tying two ponytails.=]]] zephyros all the way! INTIMIDATING BUNCH!!!!! we won 5 games in a row! and we played 5 games.=]
we rock, we rule, we dominate the school
who are we?
just guess, we're better than the rest.
gooooooo zephyros, woot woot woot X2
even our clan used our cheer!
xiu xiu!! love her like mad!!!!! and woo!!!!! she's gonna be my dance mate again. heheheheh. and im jealous of her. she knows why.
give me a DI! give me an AN! what do you get? DI-AN!!!!!! walking to sch partner=]
our OGL/ clanhead: marcus aka margeret ! haha
OH MY !!!!!!!!! GAHHH. [secret secret]
so! i guess im joining dance. audition's next thurs!!
anws, all the games are either wet/dirty
mud/starch/rotten fruits/paint.[oh! i didnt play the paint game but i had paint on my bag...]
but that's what makes it so fun!!!!!!!!
the mud was really fun though we all pretty much got scraped at the knees and elbows. some mud got into my eyes and mouth too. and i was still reminding everyone to close their eyes and mouth before i went for it..... i dont do what i preach....-_-
im gonna wear my ac sch u from next week onwards! something to look forward to.
anyhow! the last day of orientation ended on wed
my voice was pretty much screwed at the end alr
it ended kinda late so i had to rush down to the F1 place [for chingay] but was obviously still late. hahaha nvm, a few were late too. i was freaking tired when i got home that night
after showering, i just plonked[is there such a word?] onto my bed, and slept. i love that!!! for the past few weeks, i've been having sleepless nights cuz my mind's too preoccupied with thinking. HAHAHA
for today, we just had to submit the subjects that we wanna take
im taking 4 H2s: PCMG. anyone?
and more talks and take height and weight. heavy and short much. HAHAHA
the guys in our og are super skinny and light!!! ughhh
they're like 44 i think. and most of the girls inculding me are 47. PFFFFS.
nvm... after that, we stayed back to do something.
will only reveal it 2moro. must keep it a secret no matter what.
i thought it was quite a good bonding session even though we didnt go to holland v. hahaha
we bonded at the oldham wing and then at the cafe.
i felt really good just now. i just kept crapping like my usual self though i think my voice today is annoying. i keep going off tune. haha
today's pictures!!
FATIMAH'S [lynn] workpiece!
we're very good artists!!!!! will show you what we did after sch today on sat. cuz campfire would end really late 2moro.... oh wait, don think im free on sat either.
have reunion dinner then chingay. ARGHHHHH
bored during health ed talk.!/album.php?aid=191571&id=530394017

that is not a virus link luh
this is the link to the rest of the pictures we took in ACJC!
so ya. gtg bathe now
looking forward for campfire 2moro!=]

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