Wednesday, February 10, 2010


that's the second time that happened to me. i wonder how it happened
anws on sat!
went for reunion dinner with my mum's side

HAHAHHAA. pig. he really is a pig. like that is his zodiac
eeee, he's so childish right. HAHAHHAA. MY FB STATUS WAS: seet cheng howe is a bimbo. HAHHAHAHAHHAHA. OH MAN, I LOVE ANNOYING MY BROTHER.
everyday i'll sit down beside him and rant to him about guys and he'll just ignore me.
more 4g1 pictures! i finally uploaded all!! yay me
me and keziah!!!!!!!
kanice, me, ys!
pls look at my face properly. it clearly shows im digusted. HAHAHA pei qi kept harrassing us with her singing.

me in AC uniform! ME, KEZ, AMANDA! kez came to ac the other day!
SO YEAH! lecture days have begun
im in class 1SD1. so jealous of grace for godknowwhatreasons huh.
my class isnt that bad i guess. at least there're no weird scholars in our class. just ppl that look like scholars. hahhaa
haven fell asleep in any lectures yet. phew. hahahah
cant wait for dance auds this fri
but after hearing what melia said, that they're only allowing 30 ppl in, im tiny bit nervous. cuz i know alot of ppl wanna join dance. sigh
aside that
i might be going back to dance 2moro. hopefully i can sell some of my fun o rama tickets
27 MARCH!! PLS BUY THE TICKETS FROM ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=]]]]
and errrrr. im trying to get over wayne now. hahha. cuz it's not healthy.
but im damn sad that i have to. sighhhhh
oh finally met marcus today after 2 days. we were planning to go out earlier but he delayed us. hahaha. annoying OGL. but he's fun to talk to + gossip. btw, his chinese sucks alot.
ok, i have to go do stuff alr. im wasting so much time online!!!!!!!!

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