Sunday, February 7, 2010


what a ---- title. yeah, it's OFFICIALLY starting for me.. hmm... TOMORROW?!
so ya, back to books again. booo
so anws! thurs was a boring day, just talks and more talks. planned to go to holland v for lunch with og but ended up in school doing CARDS FOR OUT OGL!!!=]]
yeah. this was what we did on thurs=] i think they're pretty=]]]
going to the cafe. think i mentioned this in my previous post. haha
at the sports complex.
so ya, let's just end thurs at that.
no wait, it's not supposed to sound that exciting. fri was one of the worst and best thing that happened
morning was a real bore.
we literally spent the WHOLE day in the hall, "LISTENING" to talks. butt ache sia.
we were sitting right at the back, so it's kinda difficult to pay attention to the speaker. sighhh
anws, during the last talk, i suddenly felt a chill in my body.
it ended early, thank god and we went to the canteen to meet marcus.
by then, i was feeling weird. just weak and feel like sleeping. have no idea why. maybe cuz i didnt eat lunch or something. luckily huimin had panadol with her, and so i took 2 tablets. gabriel got me a honeydew too=] hehs. nice ppl=]]]
anws, gabriel does not belong to our og, just some j3 crashing our og. hahaha. sherlyn's ogl. he just got enlisted yesterday!! all the best to him
so anws, after awhile, felt much better
the rain stopped. oh yes, it was raining. sucks right
then we made our way to holland v's swensons
woah, so many OGs were there
swensons will earn big bucks man. hahahha
after me, huimin started feeling sick too. cuz she didnt eat lunch as well. was busy making the cards for our ogls.
but after lunch, guessed she felt much better
after that, we all made our way back to school for campfire!!
eudea, xiu, me. where's xiu?? at the background. hahaha
changed into our orientation shirt. OH THANKS ANETTE!!!!!! cuz i got a xs shirt, and anette had a s shirt. so i asked if i could swop with her. YAYYYYY!! and she said yes=]] aww!!
og pic with jac!!
and when we were in the hall
the performance were all really great.
but i started feeling sick again half way through. giddy and my muscles felt very weak.
eudea was super caring. HAAHAH. omgosh, think i sound really spoilt in this post.
but anws, when the song started playing, i just went mega high. like doing those human train thing. it's insane. i keep losing them cuz everyone just kep going past you and GAHHH hard to explain. so finally, gave up on the human train and started dancing.
managed to find tim, toon and lewis at one corner and the first thing they said was, or rather lewis said was: i lost my phone!
HAHAHHA. but he found it eventually.
first, he lost his wallet and found it. then, he lost his phone and found it again. LOL
then the mass dance song played and couple dance song played.
i danced with toon for the couple dance.
sigh, he has left to US for holiday yesterday. think he's coming back at 1am either on the 17th or 18th. hopefully there'll be some farewell party. hahaha. and after that, he's leaving to aussie for studies!!!!!!!
this is toon!!
hahahhaha. OH! BRIJ CAME BACK FOR CAMPFIRE!!! hahaaha
awwww. he's as funny as usual.
he's melvyn, my holiday buddy's best friend. singapore's so small.
anws, i was MEGA happy during the school song. for some awesome reason. HAHAHA. cant say it here, or it'll be too obvious. sigh...but i didnt really sing the song... my voice... still a man!!
but has improved today. i go off pitch less often now. HAHA
anyhow! orientation ended off with a blast. BOMMM
exchanged plenty of hugs with ogls and og mates and friends=]]]
me, nick, melia! ZEPHYROS FTW!!!!!!
we're so cute

but at the end of orientation, i felt really sick
luckily on the way to the mrt, saw eudea, brij and guochuan.
guochuan lives at yishun so i asked him if he could send me back. hahha, thank goodness he said yes. anws, he was sending eudea back too. hee
if it's not for him, i would have fainted in the mrt. LOL
anws, i kept saying brij's gay throughout our whole convo. HAHAHA.
he keeps saying that guy's hot and blah. HAHAHHAHA. he's a funny guy luh.
but his friend's really hot. hahah. he agrees a 100%.
when i got home, i changed and washed up before hiding myself under the blanket
i felt super cold and weak and i was running a fever. eudea kept telling me i had a fever but i refuse to say ya i have. HAHHA, NO IDEA WHY.
my mum came into my room after and forced me to take panadol. hahaha. but yeah, thanks to her. feeling much better now!! but was still slightly giddy on sat, so didnt go for chingay. sigh..
i think im going to wear ac sch u 2moro=] yay
but why!! there's no insane photographer in our og. HAHAHA.
anws, miss my clique many many.
kinda sad to see them in school yet don get to spend time with them.
hahaha. just hope some of us will land into the same class=]
my neighbours are having some birthday party now. hahha, they sound super high. and someone can really sing. lol
andddd i have loads to do.
cant believe i can waste so much time on fb and blog. shit. haha

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