Friday, February 12, 2010


anws, happy birthday vanessa!!!!!!!! she's my classmate=]

so yeah, lynn's birthday.
she's so fated to be "mine"! hahaha
first, og mate. then house mate, then CLASSMATE!!!!!!!! WOOTS!!!
just not same cca. hahahahha.
this is her!!!!!!!!!
we planned a surprise for her after school
i told her we were having og lunch or something but of cuz there's more to it!
hahaha. complicated planning. thought it would fail cuz everyone kept calling me when i was with lynn!!!! and i couldnt talk. so annoying
and i don know if lynn saw them walking to the bleachers or not but she was still surprised in the end. hahahha!!

zephyros all the way!!!!!!!!!! damn sweet ppl.
the cake that rubin brought from his house is DAMN good. it's from secret recipe.
OMGOODNESS. CHOCOLISHIOUS. but was really sweet at the end.
marcus did a huge favor for lynn... and me. HAHAHAHA. but i was totally using the balloons to cover my freaking red face.
i felt damn depressed cuz i didnt even say hi. BUT NVM!!
tell you more why im super happy today later.
lynn is way happy pls. she managed to take a photo with him.
went to crescent to try and sell fun o rama tickets afterwards.

lynn looking... fierce. hahah and alyssa looking like a clown with all the balloons! she's doing lynn a favour by holding the balloons for her. ahhaha
hahah. i have a even more unglam picture on fb
lynn! alyssa! jovine! me!
geraldine's retardedly cute. HAHAHA. took it on the day of lynn's birthday too.
so yeah, went back for dance to try and sell the tickets but fail ttm!!!!!
i only managed to sell 3 tickets. sigh....... im a lousy persuader.
but 2 are for me to use!!!!!! my teachers love me=] heee
so today!!!
valentines day in sch plus cny celebrations.
olivia, ryan de cotta, me!! didnt know de cotta was in the picture. EXTRA!!so yeah, pretty slack day=]
had break in the morning all the way till 9.10
i had an awesome time in the morning
ZOMG! zeus can do pop damn freaking well!!!
i kinda "forced" him to do it for us. hahaha
i even played tik tok by kesha for him to dance to. mesmerized. it was damn good. the best part was, he didnt even take classes, he said he learnt it himself.
prodigy. envious plus jealous.
anyhow! i went to lewis and asked him for the balloon that he was holding. he said it was zeus's. but i didnt really hear, so i kept saying i want and i think he wanted to give me. hahaha
then i think i went back to my bag to get some chocos for my friend first
so when i came back, lewis didnt have the balloon alr. i asked him where it was and i want it. HAHA. and it was with zeus, i was like shit shit, don ask him. then lewis went," eh zeus, she wants the balloon [ or something like that ]"
and he gave it to me. shocker!!! yes, im showing off. HAHAHAHA. no, if you're not in ac, you wont understand. but im not showing off that a guy gave me a balloon-_- that's a different story
i just went, are you serious are you serious. hahaha. awww
i called jeremy, derrick today. HAHAHA. damn paiseh.
winston and samuel. samuel just joined us today. doesnt he look abit like jackie chan? hahaha
after cny celebrations, went to prepare for dance auditions
miss the dancers so much
the feeling rocks to warm up together and stuff
to feel like juniors and noobish. doesnt matter if you're wrong cuz you're a junior. HAHAHA
hope my friends all gets in
anws!!! hahhahahhaa, look at my ferrero rocher. AWESOMELY FLAT.!
xiu and me after dance auds. the ppl clear up really quickly.
ryan de cotta and his gayness
today was a damn awesome day.
ok let's pray ppl who know him doesnt read my blog.
cant really label him anymore now.
anws! finally talked to him today and great improvement! that's why im super happy today. but he's quite quiet. hahahah
will get over him soon... sigh.
i don know if it's too good to be true man. AHHHH. hopefully it's true. heeeee
actually, things started off so innocently. guessed if i hadnt been so excited about it and went around telling every possible person i know... wouldnt be that bad. HAHAHA. i suck to the max.
i hope i get into AC dance.

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