Saturday, February 27, 2010

it's going haywire!

anws, cross country at west coast park=]
me, mr tay, sophy, lynn
i came in 161. ahhahaa. well at least i was still top 200. lynn was like 22?! crazy mama
and after we're dismissed. me and the two ryans.
we went for dinner nearby afterwards. we wanted to go to like vivo for dinner at first but the bus was too freaking crowded, so we just went to some coffee shop for dinner
and we had an ice fight in the end. hahahhaa. was damn funny.

me and oli. coming back from crescent after selling fun o rama tickets!
sophy, oli, me!
derrick's birthday!
i know i don sound super enthu
alot has happened recently
and i just hope it'll all get better. sigh.
la lal lal lalalalalalalala

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