Monday, February 15, 2010

if we ever meet again~
oh yeah yeah, before i totally forget about this
see the hand?
yeah. belongs here. HAHHHAA. so gross right. couldnt find the thumb though. threw away this barbie doll alr. think i threw away 4, left 2=]
and some dust... haha
AND SO! first day of cny!!!
on our way to my dad's parents side
me and my elder brother
doesnt this look like a parrot!!!!!!!!!!!! there's this mole there... it's like the eye of the parrot and my fingers are the "hair" and there's the beak!! i've been thinking bout that since pri sch!!
i've recently told some ppl but they told me it doesnt look like a parrot.... WHYY! IT DOES!! and my lil brother.... who hates taking pictures... with me only i think
heh heh eh... there's nothing much to talk about for cny. just collect ang baos. lol
and my auntie gave this watch to me!!! so pretty! it's my wallpaper on my phone. looks so vintage
my younger brother is actually the tallest. but i think due to my heels and angle, we look the same height.
so ya... after a few rounds of travelling, we went back to my dad's parents side
i cannot gamble this year!!! i kept losing. sucks man.
and i ate alot!!
went to amk hub for a movie with my family and cousin. we watched da bin xiao jiang. the jackie chan show. it's really retarded. HAHAHHA. in a good way. you should go watch if you're stressed. but go to the toilet before you watch it.
i should listen to myself more often. must use the ladies before catching a comedy show. if not you wont enjoy that much cuz you wont be able to laugh alot.
and 2nd day of cny!
went to my mum's eldest sister's house. tried playing blackjack but obviously still sucked at it.
omg, i must share with you this retarded thing i did.
see this picture first and where im pointing at [ black thing ]
so yeah, here's the convo [ may seem short but it lasted about 5 min ]
me: what's this? i press arh.
papa: ignores
me: tell me... what's this?
papa: this button will make your chair fly up
me: *looks at him
papa: you press alr, your chair will fly up
me: i don believe... tell me!!
papa: ignores
me: i press arh, i press arh
papa: *gives me the nod
me: tell me first! if not i press wrongly
papa: AIYA! this is a dummy luh. it's NOT A BUTTON!!! * kept poking the black thing. see! cannot press!!
me: HAHAHAHHAHAH! *tries pressing the black thing. HAHHAHAHAA. OMG!!! SHIT
mummy and brothers: sigh..
so yeah, that doesnt occur oftenly!!! i think...
im gonna cook one dish for my brothers tonight! heh heh.... will see how it goes.
and going to lao shi's house to bai nian 2moro. i think less than 5 ppl will come my house to bai nian lor. sigh.....

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