Monday, February 1, 2010


anws, bought my sch u on sat
saw ivandy and his gf on the way there. like finally!!! omgosh. was so shock.
took quite long to find the place with xiu. hahahah.
luckily we went in the morning and manage to take the last few order forms. haha
saw teh and alan there.
after that, went to far east to get present for someone.
at around 2, met my clique at 313 to chat about all the stuff in ac! woots
went to f21 to get two tops after. blahh
and ate ice cream!!! so expensive but it was good. haha

i hate this feeling where i don really know what im feeling like.
im super tired today
but we can go to sch late tomorrow so yay yay yay

fuck, im a bitch.

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