Tuesday, February 23, 2010


i haven blogged in so long! betcha missed me...
have been busy with chingay and ya da ya da
so did you watch?????
i watched my item
they showed this girl for like 1 whole freaking min. but she's the campus superstar girl, and i think she's pretty, so that's prolly the reason. hahaha
what the bong.

here are some pictures!

me and shana
wan yu, stephanie, nisa, ping hui, me!
lao shi and me! saw lao shi there. his was the opening item
lydia me and i know her face but not her name.. sorrry
me and nisa. she's always using her mega big and pretty eyes to electrify boys. hahaha
letty and me!
wan yu~ red ghosts, no legs.
jervenne and mua. she's 15. ahahaa so young. what de bong. i used to be young... what am i saying.
and yes!!!!!! im really really really happy chingay's over.
the practices every week and stuff are really tiring
and practices under the hot sun!!! i could have died then
oh i saw my cousin, samuel, there too. called him but he didnt see me.
anws, CIP POINTS FOR ME!! HAHA. my teacher say it should be above 70 hours.
and my allowance! hahahha. so many things to look forward to. oh yes, the chingay shirt too! hahha
so yeah, think during last year's chingay, we're the finale item, so more impt and our make up and costume were so much cooler. this year more dancing and stuff. so yes, nvm! let's skip to zephyros's outing!
it was a half outing and half surprise birthday for guo chuan
i hate organising. seriously, mass msging is the most sickening thing ever
i mass msged like 19 ppl everytime i needed to inform them out something. and only 1 or 2 replies. and i mass msged them about 5 times. each msg is about 4 msgs long~~~~~~~~~. so tedious man.... but i have unlimited, so one less thing to complain about. hee
a few of us met in the morning first to go there and prepare while the rest meet at a later timing with guo chuan. quite fail but at least he was surprised! hahhh
so yeah, pictures again!
sanchia phail!!! i did an awesome job.
anette, celine, alyssa, eudea, mua
keeping the very dirty ground sheet
those remaining

arghhh.... coming... out.
the-so-very-delicious-cake. WELL, IT IS! just looks like dung that's all
birthday boy and rubin!
ZEPHYROS FTW! brij joined us!=]]]
and a proper lunch at yoshi=]
omg, me and eudea had a hell of the time there.
we kept taking zoomed in pictures of rubin and gc. IT'S DAMN FUNNY! go fb and view.
and we took retarded videos as well. don know if im going to upload cuz it takes too damn long so see how first!
yes, you might want to know what 'THE BONG' means.
well, i was going home with keefe today and he said that he and josh always say 'the nut' instead of like what the heck.
so i wanted one special one too! i tried 'the banana' but doesnt sound cool.
'the hair'... nah. and keefe suggested 'the balls'
if i were a guy, that would be cool, but im a girl, make me sound so horny [WHICH IM NOT] hahahha
so in the end! we came to the bong!!!!!!!
so im gonna say it alot from now on. so fun
bong bong bong. im gonna anyhow use bong in the future.
and oh yeah, we were all telling jokes during chem tutorial today and i said the sick jokes i have. i think everyone now thinks im a flithy little girl. sighh. THE BONG!!! but they kept saying "just say"[ they were encouaging me] SO NOT MY FAULT!
and er er er, 1SD1 is selling bubble tea and popcorn on fri!!! THIS FRI!!!
so all acsians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! go to the candeck to buy from 1SD1!!!
bubble tea going at only 2.80!!! the other class sold it at like 3 bucks, we're 20 cents cheaper!
and popcorn going for 3.50 and 3.80
3.50 for savoury flavours: cheddar cheese, nacho bbq, sour cream and onion
3.80 for sweet flavours!: caramel and chocolate.
they all delivered from the cornery! a really good brand of popcorn so pls support us!!!!!!!=]]]
thanks so much!!
i've alot to say but i have to go now! have tutorials to complete. gahhh the bong. HAHAA
love it. bye=]

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