Sunday, January 31, 2010


hey guys!!! im uber excited to go to sch 2moro
a secret to make you wanna look forward to going to sch: GET AN EYECANDY!!
i nicknamed him wayne. not much link to his real name but heck, only i know=] heeee.

ANWS! 4G1 CHALET!!. promised to blog bout it. sorry it has been so long. must get it done by tonight.

so anws, we met at pasir ris at 1.45 to board the shuttle bus.
before that, me ys peiqi dian went to buy groceries. i was damn early.
i reached at 12. pei qi came at 12.20, ys came at 12.30, dian came at 1.
so ya, so many ppl came!
but we couldnt check in immediately so we just explored the place a little like the mini playground!

pei qi getting bullied.
yeah not supposed to be in there but who cares!
after that, played some monkey ball game.
we kept wanting someone to fall into the pool but no one did.
so finally! a chance came. the ball fell into the pool and someone had to go down to get the ball.
best target, KAIMIN. hahhaa.
and of cuz, there was revenge

i thought i had escaped it but lynette goh hui min, the devil, came and pushed me into the pool with kaimin. HAHAHA
all wet.
watering the plants
next victim, POOJA!! skinny girl, so was much easier
not long after, we finally get to check in and changed into proper swim wear
we swam the rest of our day away.
played ball games in the pool
was really fun!!!
i knew i would be much tanner after that.
think we spent 3 hours plus in the pool
after that, pizza!
but it was not filling enough at all
so we walked to ehub after bathing
lalalala, eat and crap and camwhore. hahha
i haven finished uploading the pictures on fb. yeah i suck but there are freaking lot!!!!!
our chalet was pretty much just eating and plyaing bridge!!
like really eat alot
and cooking and eating
fat as hell
i slept at 2 plus while pei qi, vic, lynette and kez slept at 630
wth!! i have never slept that late before.
woke up at 830 to cook breakfast with ys, kaimin, trixy and audrey
audrey and trixy cook damn good eggs.
after breakfast, i went back to sleep. HAHAHAH
haiz, i really don know how to finish blogging bout this
ok, let me really cut it short
for the second day, we swam again.
kaimin and lynette cooked spaghetti for lunch. it was freaking good!!!!!!!
for dinner..... we walked to ehub again. hahahaha
played card games, ate ben and jerrys, thanks to pei qi! I LOVE YOU!!!
and i was super high on the second night.
when i woke up and watched the videos kanice took last night
i was so shocked. after i was high, pei qi became high. she came harrassing us with her singing.
and the next morning is the morning we receive our posting results.
all 4 of us into AC!
i still cant believe that chalet's over. it was so good. i'll miss them so much but wait! they're in ac too!
hahahhaa awesome eh
haiz... checked out and ate at white sands.
went home to sleep.
that's all!!!
awesome! finished my blog! heee
still waiting for my nuffnang money to come
it's taking FOREVER. wtf. don know if they're even sending it to me.
anws~!!!! my mum suddenly allow my friends to come over to our house to bainian
im damn shock
excited!!! i even cleaned my room for that purpose today
i'll upload the pictures [ of dust ] 2moro or soon. hahaha
and i got my ac sch u alr and has sent it for altering!!!!=]]

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