Saturday, January 9, 2010

UHHHHH my mum and dad said some weird stuff to me yesterday
mum: eh zhen, can you not be so pretty, i cant stand all the guys looking at you
but i think she was referring to my fbt, no actually, my brother's. hahah
dad: shu zhen, come and watch this show, very nice.
ok, it may not seem weird to you but it's damn weird to me!
my dad don say such stuff to me.
and his definition of nice refers to those animal show
like a gigantic snake/mosquito/cockroach kinda show.

and i cant believe what my lil brother told us today in just 5 min
he actually confessed that he likes a girl and had alr confessed her feelings towards her!
like woah. but the girl's attached alr, so don know why he's still doing that.
i suddenly feel so innocent.
like both my brothers are so daring.

went to causeway for dinner and bought some lingerie. haha, just for cny
waking up in the morn to go jogging with my brothers 2moro
from my house to the market at chongfu
im 99% sure i'll just walk half way there
but nvm, better than nothing. haha
haven jogged for a pretty long time
and ya blah blah, results are on mon
hmmmm. im not freaking out now
maybe i might when im actually in the hall
erm, gtg sleep early.
long day 2moro

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