Tuesday, January 12, 2010


yes, im still in a freaking dilemma
last night
i was kinda sure im going nj
tonight, i think im going ac

anws, went for nj's open house today
it had to rain so heavily
and i didnt know how to go nj at all
so shaun kinda brought me there
i mean, it was on his way so ya. took 852 all the way there. super long ride.
minus one point.
im highly positive that if he didnt bring me there, i'll be lost
and saw alot of ppl there
crescent ppl here and there
saw nicholas and his gf, keefe, qiqi, nadine, zifang. but the last 3 are from nj
cute lion. could feel the heat from the suit.
well i don know
still thinking and thinking
going for ac's open house 2moro and hopefully it doesnt rain!
and im gonna sleep early tonight
have been sleeping at 2 recently.

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