Monday, January 11, 2010


you CANNOT call me a bimbo anymore unless you're trying to compliment me.
a bimbo is pretty but stupid
and i got 7 raw points for my O's. HAHAHAHA. so ya, no more bimbo
now, im faced with another difficulty
choosing of school

when i got into the hall
i told myself: pls let me get the right amount of points so that i can make it to ac
but now, like 7/8 of them keep telling me to go NJ.
i don know what to do now.
i have to appeal into nj, i cant just go in like that cuz their cut off is 4 and after minusing 2 cca points, i have 5.
and they keep asking me to appeal in through dance.
isnt nj a super mugger sch?
is ac a bad sch to go to?
any advice??
i don know if i should go to the school i want {ac}
or go to the school that'll benefit me {nj}

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