Thursday, January 14, 2010


[ i look weird here but i think i sound clearer so no more subtitles! ]


anws, just came back from chingay practice..... 1 hour ago. hahahah.

it was the media preview thingy. like our make-up was super impromptu, luckily we brought our own make-up if not we'll look super weird on tv.

and of all days, i have this huge pimple on my chin. ughhh

my ballet mates and friends i went out with today can totally see that


woke up so early to go esther's house for movie marathon. we watched harry potter and the half-blood prince i think. then we watched up! omg, such a cute movie. anws, i was super high this morning. oh and i was watching the nun half way but had to leave for chingay prac

i have to tell you bout my dreams later on.

actually i can tell you now since i have nothing much to add for chingay

yeah last last night's dream:

i dreamt that i had another house deep under water. like super super deep. and cuz by then, the technology is really good so we can go really deep underwater. and i had pets! dogfish, catfish... i mean they are fishes that look like dogs and cats, not the real catfish. so cool right! and they live among seaweeds. so cool right! and then my mum suddenly put on a cooler suit and wanted to go deeper into the ocean and i was trying to stop her idk why.

last night's dream:

i dreamt that i had braces!!!!! i looked quite cool. hahahah. and yknow for contacts, there is daily contacts where you wear for one day and throw? i dreamt there was daily braces, where you wear for one day and throw away. became more of a beauty object..... right

so ya, maybe i shouldnt tell my jc friends all these in the future. i told keziah maybe i wont have any friends in jc cuz i'll be too weird for their liking. HAHAHA. nvm, i'll just stick with old ones who can tolerate me

okay! im getting quite sick of chingay prac alr. i still have prac this sun and mon.


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